Blown away

Good morning from windy Denver!

I legit almost got blown away on the short walk from my car to my class building today, as well as a face full of dust/dirt.. yum thanks nature!

So I’m writing my blog in class (hasn’t started yet) and my friend Lana goes “are you blogging?” me ..”yea duh” “Remember that Twix commercial … when he asks her home and says let’s blog about our ideals” me “HAHHA oh yea”


also since we are on a commericial kick, Lana quoted the Subway commerical to her bf ( they have been dating for 1.5 years) “I’m your girlfriend now” and he was wondering… um havent you been my gf for awhile? He obviously does not remember commercials like we do!

Yes this is what Psych grad students do in their free time/class!

I had to get up early this morning because I had a meeting, but was still able to motivate myself to make a smoothie!

In da mix:

Fresh Strawberries

Frozen Raspberries

Vanilla Chobani Yogurt


followed by my morning iced green tea!

yummmm love it! Can’t start my day without it!

I have worked at two coffee shops, and no longer am that big of a coffee fan! So it’s Iced venti green teas for me! That and they are cheaper than coffee so I can get two in one day and not feel guilty!

What’s your morning drink?

Now I need to write a paper… ugh! Then take a walk with Munchkin before he goes off to Chicago with his dad ) he told me five times today) Then Yoga Sculpt!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!





Life… or something like it?

Hello friends! Are you having a wonderful Wednesday? Mine was productive, class, reading/ Greek watching, workout, consulting, dinner, and nowww OFF THE MAP!

I am a huge sucker for medical shows.. it’s a little ridiculous! Grey’s, Private Practice, and now Off the Map! Since someday I will be a doctor… of psychology… It’s basically just professional training right?? yea… no

So today I wanted to talk about strengths and being thankful for what you have!

We are writing a strengths paper and had to take a self-assessment!

I found that my biggest strength is humor and playfulness… um yea… People call me giggles…. knew that one hahaha

I am also kind (baking addiction/ sharing with others much?) honest, genuine, hopeful, optimistic, curious, creative, and with a capacity to love and be loved!

I was a little suprised at the capacity to love and be loved.. I mean I love my friends… and am pretty sure it’s reciprocated… but well the relationship part like as in an actual non friendship relationship…. well that’s a whole other issue!

What are your character strengths?

I would also like to talk about being thankful! There are so many things to be thankful of!

My parents for one for being totally supportive of my quest for further education, and of anything I have ever wanted to do! They basically made their life swimming which is what my brothers and I did!

My brothers, Billy is wise and creative and inspires me with his dedication and hard work and passion for what he does! Kevin has the ability to get along with everyone, and can always make me laugh!

All of my friends who are there for me when I need them, put up with my sometimes crazy, constant baking/cooking, silly things I say, skewed self-perception, etc! Everyone of them no matter where they are has made such an impact on my life!

Especially my friend Julie, who has selflessly planned a running program for me, and Nicoles (s), Erica, Molly, Bridget, Emma, and Cara who got me through several rough times in college!

Basically in this slightly emo post what I am saying is do not take those in your life for granted! Tell them you care and trust yourself! Surround yourself with people who lift you up, and inspire you!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry

If you give a mouse a cookie

It will probably ask you for a glass of milk!

This is the book I read munchkin twice before he would go to sleep tonight! So cute I used to love that book when I was younger! Still do!

What is your favorite childhood book?

We had quite an enjoyable afternoon, a nice 2.2 mile walk with the Wrigsta, then we played with trains and I made dinner!

so cute                                                            Wrigs was not into the photos

For him:

Homemade pizza bites made basically the same way as yesterday and Sunday, except I kept the pita intact and stuffed the pita with pizza toppings!

mmm pizza bites!                                          Licked his plate clean!

For me:

Pork Tenderloin in Island Teriyaki

Roasted Potatoes:

Cut up russet potatoes in olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper!

Green Beans

OMG this was an amazing dinner! Reminded me of the meals I used to eat at home! Roasted potatoes are a big deal at our house!

Afterwards, munchkin learned how to video tape himself on my phone and demanded I take pictures of him! Then found himself a new toy in the form of jumping on me! SO cute!

I was still hungry when I got home and whipped up a raspberry smoothie!

Raspberries, vanilla yogurt, soy milk!

Ok more reading for Ethics tomorrow! See you in the am!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry


bahbahbahbah! today while making lunch a spider crawled all over the counter! Gross right? Ugh I HATE spiders!

Now I don’t know where it is, and I have more kitchen work to do! eghhhh oh well!


Turkey and Swiss roll ups with Dijon Mustard

Homemade pita chips and homemade edamame hummus

apple with almond butter


Lets talk about homemade edamame hummus! It is my favorite: light, flavorful, and fresh!

It is very easy:

1 bag Edamame

2 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 lemon


Throw all the ingredients in a food processor and blend! You make it as chunky or smooth as you want depending on how long you leave it in for! I like chunky hummus myself!

so fresh and so green green!

Ok I can hear munchkin man rising from his nap! We are off to the park to enjoy the sunshine!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


I love Pita Chips!

Seriously my love affair with pita chips has been an on going one since my senior year in high school. We used to grab a bag at our local grocery store with a pot of hummus, and then sit in the adjoining Starbucks for hours after school! Legit the bag would be gone, as well as the hummus!

In college I started making my own pita chips! Healthier than eating a whole bag of Stacy’s and still absolutely wonderful!

So easy too:

Whole Wheat Pitas

a dash of olive oil

salt to taste

line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, then cut up pita’s into squares, triangles etc, and toss them with olive oil and salt

bake for 5-7 minutes on 350

Ahhhh so good! I couldn’t resist popping a few of them in my mouth while still piping hot!

Also for dinner, Asian Shrimp Salad!!

Best salad I have had in quite awhile! I tossed the shrimp in Island Teriyaki sauce, then added on top of Dole Asian salad mix, and mixed in sesame ginger dressing!

I always for get how much I love shrimp until I eat it… legitimately I think it is my favorite form of protein!

BAHHHH make this right now! well not right now because it is night time, but tomorrow!

Also do you love pudding? Munchkin man does!

seriously does it get any cuter than him? no definitely not!

Ok bed time/Greek watching time! 8 am class in da morning eeee!

Are you a pita chips and hummus person?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Run, Run, Run

10 miler doneee.. killed it! Ok I ran it faster than last week by about 5 minutes but still its pretty sweet! This time I had the genius idea to run the hills first, GENIUS right? it definitely made the run much easier! The weather was a little funny, half sunny half cloudy with a few sprinkles of rain! Then I walked two miles to round out my run!

I wanted to take a picture of the view on my run but it was so cloudy over the mountains you couldn’t even see it!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my running story!
I started running my Junior year of high school to balance out my swimming, and because I had gained some weight when I was in Africa for a month, and wanted to take it off!
My senior year I joined the cross country team, and it was the first time I was ever competing, and running with a team! I was definitely NOT good at first, the guys on my team nicknamed me “snailgirl”… yea it was a joke haha.
Anyway I stuck with it and in college it became my main form of exercise! Freshman year it was mostly on the treadmill, Italian streets are not that conducive for running around! Once I got to NYC, I started spinning as well as running! I fell in love with spinning and it is definitely still my favorite form of exercise!
Once I moved to Denver in August I ran my first 10k, as well as two other races!  Now I am six weeks away from my first half-marathon! I have finally found a true “runner’s high” and love of running!


What’s your running story?

Had lunch of pita pizza again! carbs, cheese, spinach, tomatoes perfect after run nosh!

Now I’m off to do reading until munchkin man time!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

I am a potato

A couch potato! Legit after the game/ errands/interviews all morning… I am soooooo tired! And I have a 10 miler tomorrow! Woot Woot!

Liza and I have spent the night watching Bravo, E, and Celebrity Apprentice… WINNING.. duh

I love Bravo reality shows… The Kardashians are my favorite! Esp Kim and Kourtney take NY… I mean one I get to watch NYC in action, and their drama.. its just the greatest!

Today I have made the decision to apply to Doc programs after I finish up here! EEE 5 more years… Can I do it? YES… hopefully? The reward afterwards will be getting to work with any population I want to, and delving into more clinical issues than I would with a Masters! I knew that this might happen, and probably should have applied to PhD programs last year however I wanted a masters first!

Have any of you gotten a PhD or Masters? How did you do/where did you go?

For dinner I made chicken drumsticks (eeehhh so-so) and salad!

In da bowl:


Broccoli Slaw

Orange Peppers


Cheddar Cheese

Homemade mustard vinegarette (mustard, vinegar, canola oil)

The salad itself was delish!

Ok off to bed/to watch Greek! I’m a nerd it’s fine but I’m a sucker for anything about Greek Life!

Did you go Greek?

Have a good Sunday night!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


I can’t take it anymore

Omg, this game is KILLING ME! VC WHO? Sorry for VCU alums/fans etc… seriously tho.. Kansas needs some mental skills right now because they are dying out there… its depressing… I don’t want to watch anymore…. but of course I will!

So yesterday was super hectic and I didn’t get a chance to blog! Sowwy! It was the first day of our interviews! Liza and I had to give a tour at 8:30 am, so I got up at 6:30 am to gym it up

Work out:

30 min elliptical on level 10

10 min weights

I was supposed to do a 40 minute speed run… but it was early and I felt lazy!

I skipped breakfast ( I know I know) in favor of showering and making myself purtty for the newbies! After our tour we had a current student panel, and then lunch! I only had fruit at lunch because I was meeting my Dad afterwards for Chipotle!! yesss I love Chipotle!

Chicken salad w/ guac for me                    Dad had 3 crispy tacos

We walked around DU, then stopped by my apartment to show it off! Then off to see my parent’s house here! After the house visit, and a few errands it was back to mine to watch the end of BUTLER-FLORIDA… eesh what a game!!

Then up to Boulder to pick up baby bro for dinner!

Liza and I were couch potatoes for the rest of the night, we watched Riding in Cars with Boys, I forgot how depressing that movie is!

This morning:

Again no brekkie for me, I wasn’t hungry!  We had another 8:30 am interview, followed by the same schedule as yesterday! I left after lunch today in order to go watch this game….

I also skipped lunch at school in order to make my own…. wait for it… PITTA PIZZA!!!

SO DELISH! I love Pizza, I really do but I try not to eat it often due to you know the fact that it isn’t exactly a diet food!

This however is a healthy way for me to have my pizza and eat it too? ( does this work?)

I used Wholefoods super thin Pitas, Rao’s Arrabiaita Sauce, and Mozzarella cheese, and topped it off with garlic, chopped tomatoes, and spinach

So much flavor, and the thin pita crust was perfect! Living in Italy for a year my freshman year of college, as well as England for 4, made me looooove thin thin crust!

I finished with an apple and chocolate almond butter, and a Vitamin Water Zero!

Eee ok half time is over… bah

Are you still invested in March Madness?

What is your favorite type of Pizza?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


My Little Brother is Spoiled Rotten

Baby Bro Kev goes to CU Boulder, and it has become a tradition that everytime I come to Boulder I bring him and his roommates a treat… in fact they even told me that I am not allowed to come down with out one! See the spoiledness? (not a word oh well) However my dad is in town this weekend !!!!! and so tomorrow we are going to Boulder to see him!
I realized tonight when I got home from dinner at my Aunt Kathy’s house (highlight KU won, and my Grandma told me I wasn’t as smart as Sarah Palin… ouch?) that I needed to make the little brat best little bro ever something… Liza was more thank ok with this since she always reaps the benefits of my baking/cooking…. in the fact that our apartment smells amazing and she gets dibs!
I had a ton of cookie crumbs left over and was thinking of what to do.. when it hit me… cookie crusted brownies!!!
HUH?!? you may ask?
Yes layer of cookie crumbs

layer of brownie


and for added effect marshmallows lightly toasted on top

I know…. sounds heavenly right? like a smore…. made out of brownies and choc chip cookies.. winning duh

I used left over cookies, so use whatever you have lying around be it home made cookies or store bought no judgements!

For the brownie I used a recipe from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook! Get this book! Seriously it will change your life even if you have never been to Magnolia’s in NYC… the redvelvet… OMG to die for!

1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs, at room temperature
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, melted  ( or 8 and 2 oz dark or unsweetened!)

Melt butter and chocolate together and then let cool for about 5 minutes!

Mix eggs and sugar until light and smooth, add in vanilla and then chocolate mixture

Add in flour and pour on top of layer of cookie crumbs

top with cookie crumbs

when there are 5 minutes left top with marshmallows!

Let cool and enjoy!

ok it’s late and I am getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for new SPP babies! That’s right my program is having it’s interview weekend! So pumped… more to come tomorrow!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Quickie Dinner Post

I had a SUPER long post earlier today, so I will save you my long-winded rambling for tonight, and instead share with you my delicious dinner!

My favorite salad is by far Asian Chicken salad… Pei Wei, Cheesecake Factory, Tokyo Joes, they know how to put a delicious twist on a classic! However I need to not eat out 2 meals in one day  (I am a poor grad student after all) and decided to make myself an Asian Chicken salad instead!

In da bowl:

Grilled Chicken with Peppers and Pineapple (omg grilled pineapple=MAGIC) marinated in Island Teriyaki (best marinade… but really if you are lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s near you buy their Island Soyaki… seriously no words for how amazing it is!)

Spinach( chopped with pizza cutter, got this trick from Kristin)

Fresh Orange Peppers


Broccoli Slaw

Annie’s Organic Sesame Ginger dressing

Mix it all together and boom, winning, magic!

Enjoyed while watching the DUKE-ARIZONA game!

I have Duke in my bracket, but out of loyalty to my roomie I want U of A to win!

My MM obsession hit a new level today as I was listening to the games on my IPhone while in the grocery store/in my car… yes I was THAT girl… so obnoxious… oh well!

Also cute Munchkin  moment of the day… while watching the UConn game turns to me and goes… “I want to watch football” I died

Then his mom brought him home the smallest ice cream cone I have ever seen! SO CUTE

she also brought me a treat in the form of packets of Justin’s nut butter… seriously I love her!

Also new obsession: Parmesan crisps! SO GOOD and perfect when craving a crispy crunchy snack!

Are you watching March Madness?

What’s your favorite salad?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry