Loser Like Me

Hello all!

So welcome to what I believe is blog number…. 4 for me? oops number 4 is the charm? right? I just didnt have the right title, or background, so hopefully with a Lilly background that is so me, and a blog name inspired by my adorable Little, Molly, this will be my best blog yet!

me and Molly at PSU last spring

So hopefully this blog will be an entertaining account of my adventures through grad school, culinary escapades, friends, life, and someday love? haha

Insight into the name of the blog:

1. I LOVE to eat, bake, cook, grocery shop, go to restaurants, look at food porn, browse numerous food blogs, anything where food is involved…. I’m there

my Big’s 22nd birthday cake… it was chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting!

2. well I am 23, just graduated from NYU, going to grad school, and slowly making my way out my sorority/undergrad days of wayy too much drinking.. after 21 of course 😉 There may be one or two funny night out stories from time to time, as well I tend to attract ridiculous stories and people

throwback… my brown hair… yummy Pina Colada last year on Spring Break!

3. I LOVE my Sperry Topsiders, Lilly Pulitzer, JCrew, Vineyard Vines, Jack Rogers, my Pearls , Bows, anything remotely preppy and I am all over it like white on rice (ironic then that I went to NYU… the biggest hipster school ever… I know)

chchchcheck out my SWEET St. Pattys Day bow… that is probably meant for a 6 year old… whatevs I totally rocked it!

The title of this first post is inspired by Glee (for all you Gleeks out there like me) I love this song from the latest episode, and well because I am secretly a HUGE nerd, I believe that this song describes the loser in all of us!  So embrace your inner loser, eat some good food, and enjoy my crazy and sometimes silly blog!


Peace, Love, and Be Sperry




2 thoughts on “Loser Like Me

  1. I love Sperry Topsiders too! Not only are they really comfortable, they can be worn with just about anything. I’m originally from Washington D.C. (a very preppy place) and I would love to see you post some pictures of yourself wearing your Sperry’s. Stay cool and stay preppy girl!

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