Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Happy March Madness Round 3 everyone!

I woke up to bright sunlight this morning and one thought… “wake up and go run!”. Of course on this beautiful morning where do I choose to run? The treadie… fail I know but I was doing speed work and I never push myself quite as hard when I am running outside as I do on the treadie!

My run this morning goes as follows:

15 min warm up at level 6

15 min speed run starting at 7 and going up one every minute

10 min at 6

followed by a quick arms and abs set!

For Breakfast on the menu we have:

1 Pink Lady Apple with Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter

handful of Three Sisters Graham Crackerz Cereal and some Chobani Vanilla Yogurt

If you havent tried either the Chocolate Almond Butter or the Cereal.. run don’t walk to your nearest grocery store/Whole Foods and buy them… now!

Ok, I’m off to eat, shower and go pick my baby Bro up in Boulder! We are having lunch and then coming back up to Denver for MARCH MADNESS!!!!!

Yesterday I was 14-2 hopefully today my bracket will be 100%! minus the ones I already got wrong… fail!

What is on your plate on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon??


Peace, Love and Be Sperry!


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