Things I have wanted to blog about since I created this blog 2 weeks ago

Yea longest title ever…fail…

So I actually started this blog like two weeks ago, but I had some technical problems and never started it! But since then I have created posts in my head, taken pics, etc soo here are some tidbits of my life in the past two weeks!


ASH WEDNESDAY! So I am Catholic, and it is kind of an on/off relationship. Sometimes I am really into reading the Bible, going to church etc, other times I get lazy and become a slacker. However I remain faithful in my heart because I feel like everyone needs something to believe in! As my favorite professor stated this quarter “It is just good to be spiritual, and be understanding. I have been everything, Christian, Jewish, and now I am Buddhist” . She was awesome, and this conversation made me truly understand that really as long as you have something you are good! So back to Ash Wednesday, this was my first time actually fasting for the whole day! and I totally did it! And sat through the whole mass! So proud! Of course directly after mass I drove to Boulder to meet my little Bro, and some family friends for dinner! It was after sunset so it was ok to break my fast! I had the best pizza I have literally ever tasted! I meant to take a picture butttt I scarfed it down so fast I forgot :/

in my baby Jeep on my way to Boulder!


sooo as I am a grad student (in Sports and Performance Psychology) I don’t have a real job! Instead I nanny the cutest (most of the time) two year old ever!

Last week we spent two full days together and Zach helped me make cupcakes, went on several long walks/ runs and in general kept me entertained and running around after him!

This week was our spring break! For the first time ever I stayed where I was, and had a visitor! My friend Anne from NYU came to visit! It was a wonderful week and I  was sad to see her go today (definitely sign of a good friendship!)  We had great weather, a hike and 5 mile walk (in the same day), dinner adventures, great conversation, and just an overall great time!


Me! yes as usual I was hiking Barbie and she is in chic black… its fine


Not only am I catholic… but I am IRISH as well! And darn proud of it! Of course One of my favorite holidays is St Patty’s day! I mean not only do I get to wear my favorite color all day but day drinking is totally allowed in fact it is encouraged! So that is what we did! We drank and did my other favorite thing… watched March Madness… winning duh

me and my friend Elana at her apartment! note bball in the background


after the games we went to the bars… and lasted all of an hour! When we left it was snowing…. and about 45 degrees it made absolutely no sense

I made Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate Cupcakes! So easy… just make your favorite chocolate cupcakes and top them with a standard buttercream that has a special treat… BAILEYS!

Butter Cream:

3 sticks of unsalted butter

2 lbs powdered sugar

2 mini bottles of Baileys

1 tsp vanilla

So simple and yummy! I used mint and regular Baileys!

And of course today…. MARCH MADNESS all day… and tomorrow my dear sweet wonderful baby Bro is taking me to the games with him at the Pepsi Center! Such a great sibling! BUt really March Madness is giving me heart palpitations because of the upsets yesterday… that basically killed my bracket! Thankfully today was better!


Peace, Love, and Be Sperry


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