Oh the Upsets!

Goood morning!

So I had this post earmarked for last night…. however I got a little sidetracked and ended up going out! so I got home at 2… and was a tad tired to be blogging!

Yesterdays Line Up:

Drove down to Boulder to pick up baby Bro, watched the end of the WVU/UK game! he wanted WVU, I wanted UK…. My bracket won this round weeeee!!!

then it was time for lunch! We went to Firehouse subs… SOOOO good!

meatball sub for Kev

turkey for me with cheese and lettuce, tomato, and mustard.. YUM YUM YUM!!

me with my ticket!

BYU-GONZAGA… BYU and my future hubby… Jimmer Fredette killed it


the first game we went to… RICHMOND-MOREHEAD STATE

what a name ps Morehead heheheh.. ok I’ve had my 5th grader moment, moving on

Both games were pretty even first half, and then the second half both Richmond and BYU killed it! BYU won 89-67

of course the real excitement occured during BYU-GONZAGA.. I wish I had taken a picture of the crowds around the tiny TV in the concession stand! We were all watching the PITT-BUTLER game…. eeeeshhhh that was a crazy game! 70-71 and tied till the last second when PITT fouled on a rebound! UGH and with that single foul everyone’s bracket hopes died!

Then to top things off KANSAS STATE lost… Kev and I had the game streaming on my phone while I drove him home! We are a tad obsessed!

After dropping a depressed Kev back in Boulder, I drove back to Denver to meet my friend Lana and her bf and brother!

winning…. DUH… esp rocking my FRATagonia

she is ridiculous! They also went to the games but sadly we didn’t see them there!

We met up with some of our guy friends, and basically just ended up having a big dance party! After deciding against crashing at her place I drove home…. something I definitely need to stop doing! (sorry mom!) Now don’t get me wrong I would NEVER drive drunk… but 2 beers and exhaustion are probably not a good combination either!

Do you ever drive after 2 or more drinks?

All in all it was a pretty good day! Lots of quality time with baby Bro!

Today’s agenda:

right now I’m watch HP and the Chamber of Secrets.. ultimate win! ABC family is having a marathon!

10 am: UNC-WASHINGTON… I have Washington winning! lets hope my bracket doesn’t fail me today!

Games until 2 and then it’s Yoga time! Hot Power Fusion is what I am going for today… usually I do Yoga Sculpt but today I need a good stretch, I have a 10 mile run tomorrow!

Quick stop at Target and perhaps Runner’s Roost for new running shoes and then…..

MORE GAMES! hahha I will finish my afternoon/night on the couch! It’s a beautiful day though so I may throw in a walk as well!

One more day of Spring Break left! 😦

Any tips for long runs?


Peace, love, and be Sperry!


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