Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy

Happy Monday!

This morning I woke feeling like a rockstar haha my yoga from yesterday really did the trick! It was sunny and gorgeous out when I went for my run!

Todays run:

10 miles outside

whewww it was a toughie! The last 2 miles were massive hills… ugh! I love Denver and living in Colorado… but really I HATE hills! Oh well on the bright side when I go to NYC in a few weeks I will run like a champ in the lower altitude!

Because of the hills, and the fact that I have never run 10 miles before, it was a tad slow! But I did it! And now next week will better!

Run done (hehehe) I came back hungry as a hippo! Breakfast/lunch time since its 12!

Apples and Chocolate Almond Butter

Chobani Vanilla Yogurt

1/2 c Three sisters graham crackers cereal

yum yum yum! just what I needed after my long run!

Is it sad that in the past 5 days I have gone through 2 jars of Chocolate Almond Butter?

So today is my last day of spring break! It has definitely been a good one but it made me miss the spring breaks of undergrad.. especially last year!

dinner in Punta Cana

senior girls !

Last year we went to Punta Cana.. it was awesome! Now back to school, 10 more weeks till summer!!!

Last but not least…. my FAVORITE movie trailer.. every time I see it I laugh hysterically!

seriously…. how can you not laugh? Maybe I’ll take my cousin to see it hahaha then it wont be as weird… definitely cannot go see a kids movie alone… pedophile much?

Any who I’m off to go babysit Zach, it’s so nice out we will probably go for a walk! That will put my total today up to 13 miles!

What movie do you want to see now?

Do you get a kick out of kids dancing/singing/lip syncing on you tube?

Have a great Monday!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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