Just a few of my favorite things

This morning I woke up at 8:08…. 10 minutes before I needed to leave for class and 38 minutes after I was supposed to! Epic Fail!

I seriously dislike waking up late although thankfully I have a wonderful ability to get ready in .5 seconds hahaha and still look at least 1/4 way decent.. but it’s class and I have gotten over dolling myself up at this point!

So since my breakfast will be eaten in class I wasn’t able to take pics or even actually have a legit breakfast!

Instead I am going to post my favorite things!

1. Starbucks Iced Green Tea

2. Justin’s Chocolate Akmond Butter (tired of hearing ’bout this one yet?)

3. Pink Lady Apples

4. My Sperry’s (duh this one NEVER goes away)

5. Greek (fave TV show, so sad its over)

6. Running Outside

7. Yoga Sculpt

8. My purple CamelBak water bottle

9. Ray Ban Wayfarers

10. My IPad (I got it for graduation and I love it)

11. bright pink Nike running shorts-  they make running in the morining fun!

12. anything neon- I am a huge fan of bright colors

13. Pearls- classic never go out of style

14. Nike + on my IPhone… makes running fun- people can cheer you on from FB!

Yea so these are 14 of my favorite things right now, written from class (I’m on a break). Today I am in Ethics class woo woo!

Also Today I am coloring my hair… thoughts?

natural color                                                           blonde


Thoughts? Please don’t say red! NO offense to those of you who are redheads… Its not a good look for me!

Ok off to do an Ethics Scavenger Hunt!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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