RIP Elizabeth Taylor

Today, Elizabeth Taylor died… It is definitely a sad day, for she was truly a wonderful actress and person.Aside from her infamous marriage tendencies, she was a humanitarian as well as a great actress. NationalVelvet was definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.

What was your favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie?

In other news… I love smoothies

It’s true… there is nothing better than a cool, fruity smoothie! It was this that I was craving today after my run  today!

Todays run:



CD: 5-min

After my cool down I actually ran another mile haha, then walked 1.6 miles

Called my momma on the way home, so good to talk to her after a few days! I usually talk to her everyday, but the time difference has made things pesky lately! Silly parents living in London!

I came home, cleaned off, made my smoothie, and jetted of to get my hair did!


Frozen Bananas and Pears

Raspberry Chobani Yogurt

Vanilla Soy Milk

Blended together in the love of my life Kitchen Aid  food processor!

Yum So GOOD, perfect on my slightly sore throat!!!

And now… my hair!!!

yea it’s blonder… I just couldn’t change it! It has taken so long to get me to this hair color! I never realized how hard it is to go from brown to blonde… SO HARD! So blonde I remain for a long time to come!

Had a great chat today with my hairdressers assistant! She was an athlete at UNC and had a lot of experience with Sports Psychology! It was so nice to talk to someone who has been the athlete in a SP/Athlete relationship!

After my hair was beautified, I jaunted over to Kathleen and Lana’s! We had beer and pizza and just hung out.. it was the perfect afternoon!

I love red pepper flakes on my pizza!      Kit Kat bar!

Back home to watch Off the Map! I love medical shows! my personal favorite is Grey’s Anatomy!

What is your favorite show?

Have you ever dyed your hair? If so have you ever had a bad hair color?

Also is anyone out there? If you like my blog please let me know and leave me some love!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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