I can’t take it anymore

Omg, this game is KILLING ME! VC WHO? Sorry for VCU alums/fans etc… seriously tho.. Kansas needs some mental skills right now because they are dying out there… its depressing… I don’t want to watch anymore…. but of course I will!

So yesterday was super hectic and I didn’t get a chance to blog! Sowwy! It was the first day of our interviews! Liza and I had to give a tour at 8:30 am, so I got up at 6:30 am to gym it up

Work out:

30 min elliptical on level 10

10 min weights

I was supposed to do a 40 minute speed run… but it was early and I felt lazy!

I skipped breakfast ( I know I know) in favor of showering and making myself purtty for the newbies! After our tour we had a current student panel, and then lunch! I only had fruit at lunch because I was meeting my Dad afterwards for Chipotle!! yesss I love Chipotle!

Chicken salad w/ guac for me                    Dad had 3 crispy tacos

We walked around DU, then stopped by my apartment to show it off! Then off to see my parent’s house here! After the house visit, and a few errands it was back to mine to watch the end of BUTLER-FLORIDA… eesh what a game!!

Then up to Boulder to pick up baby bro for dinner!

Liza and I were couch potatoes for the rest of the night, we watched Riding in Cars with Boys, I forgot how depressing that movie is!

This morning:

Again no brekkie for me, I wasn’t hungry!  We had another 8:30 am interview, followed by the same schedule as yesterday! I left after lunch today in order to go watch this game….

I also skipped lunch at school in order to make my own…. wait for it… PITTA PIZZA!!!

SO DELISH! I love Pizza, I really do but I try not to eat it often due to you know the fact that it isn’t exactly a diet food!

This however is a healthy way for me to have my pizza and eat it too? ( does this work?)

I used Wholefoods super thin Pitas, Rao’s Arrabiaita Sauce, and Mozzarella cheese, and topped it off with garlic, chopped tomatoes, and spinach

So much flavor, and the thin pita crust was perfect! Living in Italy for a year my freshman year of college, as well as England for 4, made me looooove thin thin crust!

I finished with an apple and chocolate almond butter, and a Vitamin Water Zero!

Eee ok half time is over… bah

Are you still invested in March Madness?

What is your favorite type of Pizza?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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