I am a potato

A couch potato! Legit after the game/ errands/interviews all morning… I am soooooo tired! And I have a 10 miler tomorrow! Woot Woot!

Liza and I have spent the night watching Bravo, E, and Celebrity Apprentice… WINNING.. duh

I love Bravo reality shows… The Kardashians are my favorite! Esp Kim and Kourtney take NY… I mean one I get to watch NYC in action, and their drama.. its just the greatest!

Today I have made the decision to apply to Doc programs after I finish up here! EEE 5 more years… Can I do it? YES… hopefully? The reward afterwards will be getting to work with any population I want to, and delving into more clinical issues than I would with a Masters! I knew that this might happen, and probably should have applied to PhD programs last year however I wanted a masters first!

Have any of you gotten a PhD or Masters? How did you do/where did you go?

For dinner I made chicken drumsticks (eeehhh so-so) and salad!

In da bowl:


Broccoli Slaw

Orange Peppers


Cheddar Cheese

Homemade mustard vinegarette (mustard, vinegar, canola oil)

The salad itself was delish!

Ok off to bed/to watch Greek! I’m a nerd it’s fine but I’m a sucker for anything about Greek Life!

Did you go Greek?

Have a good Sunday night!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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