I love Pita Chips!

Seriously my love affair with pita chips has been an on going one since my senior year in high school. We used to grab a bag at our local grocery store with a pot of hummus, and then sit in the adjoining Starbucks for hours after school! Legit the bag would be gone, as well as the hummus!

In college I started making my own pita chips! Healthier than eating a whole bag of Stacy’s and still absolutely wonderful!

So easy too:

Whole Wheat Pitas

a dash of olive oil

salt to taste

line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, then cut up pita’s into squares, triangles etc, and toss them with olive oil and salt

bake for 5-7 minutes on 350

Ahhhh so good! I couldn’t resist popping a few of them in my mouth while still piping hot!

Also for dinner, Asian Shrimp Salad!!

Best salad I have had in quite awhile! I tossed the shrimp in Island Teriyaki sauce, then added on top of Dole Asian salad mix, and mixed in sesame ginger dressing!

I always for get how much I love shrimp until I eat it… legitimately I think it is my favorite form of protein!

BAHHHH make this right now! well not right now because it is night time, but tomorrow!

Also do you love pudding? Munchkin man does!

seriously does it get any cuter than him? no definitely not!

Ok bed time/Greek watching time! 8 am class in da morning eeee!

Are you a pita chips and hummus person?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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