If you give a mouse a cookie

It will probably ask you for a glass of milk!

This is the book I read munchkin twice before he would go to sleep tonight! So cute I used to love that book when I was younger! Still do!

What is your favorite childhood book?

We had quite an enjoyable afternoon, a nice 2.2 mile walk with the Wrigsta, then we played with trains and I made dinner!

so cute                                                            Wrigs was not into the photos

For him:

Homemade pizza bites made basically the same way as yesterday and Sunday, except I kept the pita intact and stuffed the pita with pizza toppings!

mmm pizza bites!                                          Licked his plate clean!

For me:

Pork Tenderloin in Island Teriyaki

Roasted Potatoes:

Cut up russet potatoes in olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper!

Green Beans

OMG this was an amazing dinner! Reminded me of the meals I used to eat at home! Roasted potatoes are a big deal at our house!

Afterwards, munchkin learned how to video tape himself on my phone and demanded I take pictures of him! Then found himself a new toy in the form of jumping on me! SO cute!

I was still hungry when I got home and whipped up a raspberry smoothie!

Raspberries, vanilla yogurt, soy milk!

Ok more reading for Ethics tomorrow! See you in the am!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry


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