Chicago, Chicago!

Greetings from the Windy City… ok Midway Airport hahaha.. same thing right?

I love Chicago… it’s the city of my birth after all, and it pains me a little not to be able to leave the airport! Oh well in like 30 minutes I will be on anuzzer aeroplane heading to the Big Apple!!

Favorite part of Midway airport…. POTBELLY!!

I love Potbelly sandwiches… they are the jam unfortunately I have yet to find one in Denver, or NYC.. soooo whenever I fly southwest I get a treat! YAY!

Turkey with Swiss, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mustard and Italian Seasoning!

ahhhh so goood! I want more hahaha.. ony I have to save room because tonight I am going to my favorite restaurant in NYC!!! more on that lataz!

So I was on Kath’s blog  today and she is doing a 30 day challenge… that I have also decided to partake in! woo so I will be addressing one topic everyday for 30 days! That way all you loverly readers can learn more about me! Yay!?


Ok lets do this…

Day 1. My current relationship? Myself!!! I am taking time to love myself and develop more as a person before I invite anyone else into this hahahaha. But really after a kind of disastrous break-up right before my senior year of college I have been a bit gun shy hahaha, I am a tad more cautious now and so I won’t jump into just anything! Downside? I’m one of my only single friends… upside… I get to do whatever I want when I want (see rollerblading debacle), and I get to really be free to travel, explore, and look into PhD’s without feeling tied down or like I needed to account for someone else. I do miss being in a relationship however this time alone as well as things I learned in college are getting me ready for the next great relationship! After all I believe you take lessons from everything in order to build on yourself and make a good thing better! (I’m really just waiting for Prince Harry to break up with Chelsy Davys for good)

If you haven’t noticed… I’m slightly (ridiculously) independent… it’s something I’m working on!

Are you single? If so whats your favorite part? 

If in a relationship, any advice for us single gals/guys?

ok time to board!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Oh to be a true Brit

I mean I basically am British- both my parents and baby bro have British citizenship….. so that extends to me too right? Silly university (or uni as we saw across the pond) getting in my way! But seriously I am whole heartedly thinking about hopping back over the pond post masters… I just love British people (on a good day, on a bad day when I get frustrated that everything closes at 5 and there is no Target, JCrizzle, Lilly, Bloomingdales, or drive thru Starbucks)

Today however I wanted to be in London SOOOO BAD!!!!! Tant pis instead of cuddling with my bff I was able to hang out with my friend Melissa at 2 am to watch E!’s coverage! OMG Guiliana Ransic is actually hilarious PS, like seriously some of her comments… had me cracking up. I was a little sad not to watch the Today show as I LOVE Meredith however you really can’t beat E! for stuff like this… the entertainment value is just so  much higher!

So basically as you can probably tell I am obsessed with the Royals… This stems from my love of history and the fact that I am fascinated by Royalty! I chalk it up to our lack of Royalty here!  From William the Conqueror to William Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) I am basically obsessed… I have read all the Phillipa Gregory books on Henry VIII as well as the War of the Roses, took a British studies class where basically we learned about the history of the Royal Family, visited countless castles (my favorite is the Tower…. it’s so cool) and basically just read a ton about the history of the Royal Family! There is just so much history, and it amazes me that William and Harry (my future hubby) can still read original letters from Henry VIII, as well as other historical artifacts… how cool is that??????

Of course I am also basically just a history nerd in general… American, European, the Ancient societies especially! I just love reading about it, watching movies about it, learning about it! The world has changed soo much it amazes me how society has developed!

Anyway back to the wedding, it was hard getting up esp knowing I had to catch a flight right after… but we had a great albeit sleepy time! We loved watching all the guests come in with their interesting headwear! I am definitely getting a sweet hat for Kathleen’s wedding in July!

something like Posh’s maybe? Ugh Ilove the Beckham’s.. they are so gorgeous!

Or one of these?

Personally I’m a big fan of Princess Eugenie’s also I  think she’s stunning!

she looked stunning!!! She’s so teeny, and she looked like a modern day brunette Grace Kelly!

This bridesmaid dress would definitely be one I would wear!! No justifying a bad dress with “You can shorten it and wear it again”. Pippa looked absolutely amazing in this simple dress by McQueen!

ahhh look at that cheeky grin! I just love him, I think he’s way cuter than Wills, tho I do love him too! Melissa and I kept wanting them all to be miked ala reality TV in order to hear what they were saying, they all looked so cute and comfortable together!

Now my favorite by far was the Queen! She looked so cute in her yellow ensemble… she makes 85 look good!

and of course the world’s favorite moment…..

look at them! so in love… it makes my heart hurt but in a good way! I totally teared up at the beginning of the wedding, it was just so sweet and everytime they looked at each other the look on their faces was one of pure love! I felt that despite the public nature of the wedding and their lives it had a very intimate and personal feel to it! Maybe because Catherine took it very much into her own hands, at least took what she could considering Royal protocol!

Ahh I just love weddings! And now I am at the airport for 10 years! I was going to work out and then go, but was worried about rush hour traffic… whaddya know… there was none!!!!!! Blah maybe I’ll just walk around the terminal several times.. that counts right? A work out probably would have been a bad idea anyways considering I almost fell asleep several times on the drive over here… and I was the driver… :/!

Ok I’m off… to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you tell I am a bit excited? My friend from HS is having a big 23rd bday party and a few of us are coming up for it/ I get to see all my college friends! yay! I actually have my comp this time so I will be blogging along the way!

What did you think of the Royal Wedding?

Are you a history nerd too?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!

Remember me?

I am sorry! I’m the worst! But I only had my IPad this weekend…. and while yes I could have posted… I choose not and to enjoy the weekend with my fam as we are so seldom all together!

However I took lots of pics so thats what I want to share with you now! Also I want to tell you to get your behinds over to Kristin’s blog and make yourselves Homemade PF Changs Lettuce Wraps! I made them tonight for me and Liza…. SO GOOD! A definite winner as we all know how I feel about lettuce wraps!
So here is my trip in a photo nutshell:

YAY my fast is done!!!

if you like pina coladas

life is gooodddd

the boysssss

Easter breakfast!

I did it! 12 miles…. and 5 were in the rain! it was actually my best run yet! I found I enjoy running in a light rain… keeps you cool! I was jamming to my 90s playlist and of course dancing… hey no one knows me in Cali so its ok right?

For Easter dinner we had take away PF Changs with my brother Billy and his bf Nick! I should have taken a pic of them but it was my first time meeting him and I didn’t want to come off to strong! Or well stronger than I already do… I think I can be a tad much some  times… oops

Now for the Easter Sweets!

soooo much salt water taffy!      ps remember candy cigarettes? the good type     that doesn’t ruin your body? Instead is gum with powdered ugar wrapped in paper… ya my brothers and I used to get them at a dollar candy store in Wheaton, Illinois! This candy store we went to in Laguna Beach was soo cool! Three rows full of salt water taffy barrels, all this old school candy, and other fun candy I hadn’t seen for years! It looked like an old general store!

Im such a nerd but I love star wars! and I had to get a picture of these! so funny!

after the candy shop we wnt to our favorite fro yo place! My mom only had enough cash on her for 1 because the cash machine there wasn’t working so selflessly she let me have it (and she had ben and jerrys mint cookie at the hotel)


And of course my main staple… JELLY BEANS!!!! legit ate SO many! Luckily I had baby bro around to help me! (Billy doesn’t eat candy so me and Kev got all of it mwahahaha)

I like the red and pink the best!

And of course the parents had their ice cream too! We are an ice cream family!

Yes they were in two separate rooms at the time eating their own carton… My dad was watching House Hunters, and we were watching Brothers and Sisters!

Ok tahts all for now! Sorry for the hiatus! Ill be back in full tomorrow and I promise I will post this weekend from NYC!!!

What was your Easter weekend like?

Whats your favorite Easter treat?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!

Be a Tigger Not an Eeyore

For those of you who have not read/seen The Last Lecture, basically a Tigger is well like Tigger himself, energetic, bouncy, full of life and optimism, and well Eeyore is… Eeyore! we all love him but he is a tad pessimistic and grumpy.. always seeing the glass half empty!

Why am I discussing this? It popped up in my head today during Clinical Issues! I try to be a Tigger most days (if you know me you can probably agree with this) but we all have our Eeyore days! (this week in particular :() However it is important to not become totally Eeyore because life is so worth enjoying, and even in te darkest days I like to think there is still so much more left to look forward to! What’s the use in being grumpy when it is so much more fun to be like this:

these babies are obviously happy!

Ok had enough of my inspirational speaking?

So I didn’t post yesterday because I got lazy and tired! Buttt it was a pretty supa day! Apres class Lize and I went and got our nails did, and then went shopping!!! Ok I have to admit… I broke Lent…. I bought clothes…. BUT I COULDNT HOLD OUT ANY LONGER!!!!!! This is why you should never bring me to JCrew when I am supposed to not shop… because that along with Lilly Pulitzer is literally heroin to me… oh and Williams Sonoma but that’s a whole other story!

Post shopping, it was home to clean, finish laundry, do some work…. go to the movies with Kathleen… you know all the responsible grad student type things! Oh and the quickest 20 minute work out ever

10 min up hill (15) at 4.5 on the tready

10 min full body weights

I was supposed to do a longer work out but ran out of time.. oh well!

Kathleen and I saw Soul Surfer last night! O M G… this movie…. go see it… NOW seriously get off your couch/bed/office/phone/picnic blanket… and go to a theater and see this movie! We cried the entire time.. it was the most inspirational movie I have ever seen! And perfect for a budding Sports Psychologist such as myself (and Kat)! Bethany Hamilton is legit my new hero! seriously re-watching the trailer made me tear up

Also… Happy Good Friday y’all! Or Happy Passover/ Good Shabbos/ Yay its the weekend! Can you tell I am food deprived yet? Yes thats right… food deprived! I have been fasting all day! I have never fasted before, but decided to give it a try on Ash Wednesday and today… and it has been tough but good for me! Sometimes a little bit of sacrifice is good.. right?  But today I managed to get up AGAIN for yoga sculpt at 6:30! so proud!

But its ok because in 1 hour… I get CHIPOTLE!!! winning.. yes! I can’t wait! My professor had a huge donut in class today.. and while I haven’t eaten a donut since I was 16…. I really wanted that one!

Ok gotsta go do some work before…. I GO TO CALIFORNIA!!!! Yup I am going to the OC!

bahhh I love both of these shows!!! But maybe Laguna Beach better??? I will be in Newport (where the OC took place!) for Easter! Pmull decided it was time for all us to be together for Easter, and Billy goes to Chapman (Orange, Ca) sooo Cali it is! I am supa excited.. this is beginning of my two weekends away! Next weekend… NYCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I’m excited?)

There will def be Cali posts so stay tuned!!

Which show do you like better? OC or Laguna Beach?

Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

If you ain’t first, your last

Good morning!

It is a gray morning here in Denver 😦 one of the like 4 days without sun here!


This morning followed my usual morning routine, but today’s bagelwich was different! Chocolate Almond Butter, Apples and Raspberry jelly!!

Today I not only read Julie’s blog, and Facebook, but read an actual book! Im a total nerd and am starting my annual re-read of Harry Potter! So I’m starting on Book 3!

Does anyone else re-read the HP books?

In other news, while I was makin myself purdy today I realized I had an awesome crimp from the braid in my hair…. Lizzie Mcguire much?

yea so cool right? I actually used to own a crimper and crimp my hair ALL  the time! When I was like 12… winnerrr

On the drive to class today we were listening to rap and one of the songs was about Ricky Bobby, from Talladega nights!

This movie is actually one of my favorites! Basically all movies with Will Ferrel in it are awesome!

so many goood quotes… love it!

I have realized that this post has absolutely no cohesion, it’s basically me jumping around to different thoughts… ADD much?

my friend Ted got asked to prom… he coaches a high school lacrosse team, and my other friend Ian coaches a girl’s soccer team at the same school, and they bet each other that whoever gets asked to prom gets a ridiculous haircut… suprisingly Ian didn’t get asked, but Ted did!

this picture doesn’t quite do it justice… but he looks like a redneck

ok back to Ethics… today we are talking about multiple relationships! Take away message- don’t have an outside relationship with your clients…. its’s bad news bears!

Do you have a job where multiple relationships may be an issue?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Breakfast for Dinner!

That’s right its BRINNER TIME!!! Today I was really craving breakfast for dinner, I originally wanted french toast because I LURVEEEE french toast howeva my bread was funky and Liza was making pancakes sooooo Pancakes it was!!!!
I made lemon and ricotta pancakes with raspberries, a recipe you can find here
I used whole wheat flour but other than that followed the recipe to a t! Of course Maria’s looks much prettier than mine… Liza’s looked prettier too!

Lizas….                                                            Mine! with chocolate soy milk….. YUM

Deeeelish! I love brinner!

Today’s weather has been so weird, rainy, thunderstorm, then sunny! My afternoon was spent doing reading, booking flights, and looking at puppies which is like my favorite thing to do in my spare time now!

For an afternoon snack I blended up a healthy smoothie!

In da blender:

Chocolate Soy Milk

1 c Frozen strawberries/bananas

1/4 c fage yogurt

Seriously smoothies are the best healthy, filling and they fufill my sweet craving!

In order to save myself washing I poured it into my leftover green tea cup! I’m so green hahaha

After getting some work done, it was off to my friend Connor’s going away happy hour before going to yoga sculpt! Today Kathleen and I went to a 75 minute class!! whoosh it was awesome!!! I wanna take a 75 minute class more often it went by so fast!

ok off to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall! I love this movie, it is definitely one of my faves!

What is your genre of movies? I’m more of a comedy girl, but I through in chick flicks and dramas often!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Good Morning!

Happy Tuesday!

Oof I am sore today after my 11 miler! My body did not want to get out of bed this morning! However I did get up, and went about my normal morning routine:

Wake up, stare into space in the fetal position for about 5 minutes

lug out my laptop or IPad- whatever is closest- and check out Peanut Butter Fingers, and Live, Laugh, Eat, religiously every morning! Usually I will read one, go make breakfast and read the other one whilst eating it!

That was the case this morning! Today after reading Julie’s blog I was craving a bagelwich! So I made one consisting of: 1 whole wheat bagel thin

1 side was smeared with cream cheese

1 side with raspberry jam

topped with thin apple slices

I ate the rest of the apple slices with 1 tsb of chocolate almond butter!

Then I read Allies blog before getting dressed, doing something relatively created with my ponytail… I braided the front part! and driving to class with Liza!

After reading PBF religiously, I really want to make a fashion page, however….. most days I put zero effort into going to class.. think leggings, work out clothes, and sweatshirts! A big day is jeans and a t-shirt… or maybe if I’m feeling really adventurous a cute sweater or polo.. yea I go all out I know. But outside of class I like to think I usually look cute… I’ll think about it hahaha

ok off to watch my friend Ted present in class!

What’s your morning routine?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

I got Soul but I’m not a Soldier

I have had this song stuck in my head all day!  Maybe because I am wearing my Soul hoodie! It is my  memorabilia from my favorite spin studio in NYC! If you live in NYC and haven’t been to either Flywheel or SoulCycle, then you haven’t lived… or at least ever had a quality Spin Class, unless you go to Crunch or Equinox because those are pretty legit… but not as good.. I’m kind of a spin snob… it’s fine

In another vain, I had a hot date today… with Zach haha. We went to the Denver Zoo, Garbanzo, and then to Barnes and Noble! He was so cute, especially when we saw the Gorillas! He loves monkeys so that was our favorite part!

As fun as my morning/ early afternoon was, Garbanzo was a baaaaad idea! So good, but literally is a brick in your stomach. Not so good on my 11 mile run today! At mile 2.5 I was ready to call it quits, I felt 3456789 lbs, however I used self talk to push myself through it! That and I had sweet 90s music pushing me on! I’ve been on a real 90s kick lately!

I came home and made a seafood feast! Scallops in a white wine sauce and steamed Mussels! I love Mussels and scallops so this was basically heaven for me! That and a spinach, strawberry, almond, and feta salad!

So good! ok gotta scoot, it’s time for Gossip Girl!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Nothing like a 90s sing a long!

Hello friends!

Sorry about the blog absence! I was supa busy yesterday… ok not really but I wasn’t home most of the day so that inhibited me from writing!

So allow me to recap the weekend….



it was so windy though, we left at the top of the eighth…. and the Rockies were beating the Cubs so I was depressed haha

Liza and I went straight home and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1… ok well I watched about 30 minutes of it before passing out! I woke up at 3 am feeling very disoriented…. until I reaized I was on the couch, and moved back!

I woke up yesterday at 9 which is late for me, feeling bleh and definitely not wanting to do the run I needed to do! However I made myself truck to the gym and completed a  crazy 30 minute running routine

It looked like this:

10 min warm up at 6

15 min starting at 7 and going up one every minute.. at 25 I was at 8.5 man it was tough!

5 min 6

10 minutes walking on maximum incline at level 4

I felt so much better after my run!

After a quick shower I was ready to run my errands! 3 grocery stores, one gas station, starbucks, and the liquor store later I was home! I had just enough time to make my famous Tory Burch Cookies, throw makeup on and do something with my hair which did not want to cooperate, before going to Wash Park to meet my friends Colleen and Melissa for a picnic in the park!

we thought it was going to be super warm and sunny… it wasn’t!

After our 2 hour picnic, we headed to another 2 grocery stores in order to get food for a cookout at our friend Ted’s! I bought enough food to feed a small army… my bank account hates me at the moment

I realize I kind of bypassed the cookies, these are my famous cookies that I developed in college, I will post the recipe later this week!

Everyone else was at the softball game, so the three of us chilled at Ted’s be ourselves until they got back! Don’t you love friends that let you hang out in their back yard when they aren’t home?

Once everyone got there it was BBQ time!

Tired of burgers, Melissa, Colleen and I ate grilled salmon! Oh how I have missed grilled salmon!

I made a big salad at Whole Foods, it was so good!

After dinner we chilled outside, it got way nicer after we left the park, and kicked a ball around that Colleen had bought at Safeway!

Then it was inside to of course play multiple rounds of Beer Pong (I played one game but I’m so bad I need to start practicing!)

Once it was dark I built a fire in the fire pit! I was so proud of myself!

from this….                                                                 to this! real fire!!

Love the bonfire… even if it does leave me smelling like a smoke house!

We ended the night still by the fire singing to 90s songs on my IPhone, nothing better than a 90s sing along!

This morning I woke up hungry for a bagel! Lucking yesterday in one of my 345678908765 trips to the grocery store I got Thomas BagelThins! These are so good!

After I scarfed my bagel I was productive and did some work, went to consult, then straight to Hot Power Fusion Yoga! Today’s class was a killer! I was jello at the end, and such a sweaty mess… sorry but it’s true! I had to come home and lay in my bed for half an hour before I could do anything productive!

yoga outfit!

Once I could move, Liza and I cleaned our whole apartment! It looks so pretty and  nice right now! While cleaning we played more 90s music via my AppleTV!

What can I say I just love 90s music!

After cleaning, we went to Bambu for a roomie date! We both had the Bambu Salmon with sauteed veggies! This was so good, it reminded me of my favorite restaurant in NYC, SPICE! Afterwards we both had a small cup of Strawberry Lemonade Froyo (It’s Sunday, I can cheat on Lent today)

Now we are bumming on the couch watching Celebrity Apprentice!

What is your favorite song from the 90s??

Did you spend time outside this weekend?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!

I Did It!:)

I got up this morning at 6 am to go to yoga!!! This almost never happens… like maybe once a month! I am an early riser, but 7 am is the earliest I can really get out of my bed.. or be awake in my bed on my computer for half an hour… whatever same thing right?

Any way I went to yoga sculpt and it was SO worth it! My favorite teacher Rose was subbing today and it was a great class! Lots of plyo and hard weight circuits!

Not only did I make it to yoga, but Liza and I made it to Starbucks before class! This is another thing that hasn’t been happening too much lately!

I was planning on having yogurt for lunch so I got a cup of their Perfect Oatmeal! They are right with this title, this oatmeal is so good! simple and hits the spot!

My friend Clemson made me take pictures of his special “Clemson” cup as he made fun of my blog title… thanks Clems!

ok time to go! check ya lata!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!