Living through my TV

OMGOMGOMG Grey’s… kills me every time… just when it seems to be getting old.. BAM they hit you with a dramatic episode that leaves me half in tears and on the edge of the couch… Thank you LIza for putting up with my over involved tendencies with TV shows….

seriously it’s a problem…

On the bright side….. Tomorrow is FRIDAY… not only that but I get to see my friend COLLEEN for the first time in a MONTH!!! WOO WOO.. Colleen has been in Europe for class (she’s getting her MBA.. such a smartie!)

neon party (Colleen, Liza, Kathleen, my friend Kiki and I were the only ones to actually where neon… win)

Unfortunately before I get to see her beautiful face I have two classes.. and a workout!

Today’s workout:

Yoga Sculpt! I tried a new instructor today and she was great! Super sweaty mess at the end of it…  yum

Home and another smoothie for dinner! I just wasn’t hungry after snacking on apples and pita chips/hummus all day!

In da blender:




Fage 0% Greek Yogurt

Vanilla Soy Milk

mmmm so good! I am a little obsessed with smoothies right now!

Ok back to being a bum on the couch with da rooms…who BTDUBS got an awesome summer job!!! YAY Liza!!! I shall miss her but she will get great experience and have a wonderful time!! I will be here in the 303, playing with Munchkin and BABY (who’s arrival is in ONE and a HALF weeks!) Consulting (hopefully) and working on my master’s project if/when I figure out what I am doing it on!

Trust me when I figure it out I will share it with all of you! I also meant to do a mental skills post today… but I will do it tomorrow! I want to start once a week doing a post on specific mental skills both to help myself in practice and to help you, my readers who may be athletes of some kind! If you have anything you want to learn more about let me know!

What is your sport/ do you have a favorite performance tool such as visualization or self talk?

Are you an emotional TV watcher?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry



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