Sooooo my nickname is Tornado, mostly because I am slightly disorganized and my closet looks like it has been hit by a tornado most of the time (I have a shopping problem). Also because sometimes in general I just am a tornado… like after tequila… which is ALWAYS a bad idea!

Last year I was a Tornado for Halloween… we were the four elements, and Molly was the Orbit girl

Why am I sharing this info? My mom will probably say it was silly and yes it’s probably unnecessary but hey it’s who I am, and really I just like showing off that costume… it was baller

In other news… ITS SO NICE HERE! It’s supposed to be like 80 degrees today! I will be taking Wrigs to the park, and then spending copious amounts of time laying the park getting some reading done/maybe napping!

Then tonight… ROCKIES GAME!!! yay for opening weekend!

Yes this was a Yankees game not a Rockies game but still… wanted to show my love of baseball games… and that awkward t-shirt we found!

I am actually a Cubs fan, and kind of a Yankees fan… but I can make room for the rockies now too!

Also real quick wanted to share my awesome lunch with you from yesterday since I forgot to post yesterday!

We had class all day so I  brought my lunch to school, an dit was … a Whole Foods Salad Shaker!

I have always seen these and then walked away mildly intrugued, but this was the first time I actually bought one figuring it would be great for class! And it definitely was!

It had quinoa, black beans, peppers, squash, salsa and some kind of seed…. SO GOOD and only like 2.99…. totally worth it!

yum yum yum!

Ok off to get coffee for Liza and tea for me before going to the park!

Have a great Saturday!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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