Today I ate a Chicken Heart

no joke… well half of one! What??/Why?/Seriously? you may be asking

Well tonight my friend Connor and I went to the Rodizio Grill! It is a Brazilian Steak house that is basically a buffet of meat and salad!

SO GOOD… only now I totally have a food baby… and may not be able to eat meat for awhile! So pretty much they just walk around with skewers of meat and cut of chunks for you! Connor and I were adventurous and basically ate everything they offered! Which meant a chicken heart! Ok I could only eat half…. gagged my way through it but did it! Blah I mean it wasn’t bad but it was tough and chewy… and also it was a heart… yea awkward face

Not only did I have copious amounts of meat but yummy salad options as well! Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, cucmber salad, and steamed asparagus!! I love steamed asparagus!

If you are a meet lover or just like to try new dining experiences I would definitely try Rodizio!

It was great to see Con, we both moved out here at the same time and have been friends since we were 4! Our schedules are so different we don’t hang out as much as we should but whenever we do hang out it’s awesome!

Off to focus on the ending of Celebrity Apprentice… does anyone else think Gary Busey has constant crazy eyes?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!




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