I don’t get it!


Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Liza and I could not wake up this morning… even in class! IT was a great class but my allergies were acting up.. and basically made for an unhappy class experience!

Post class I went to the gym to do a quick weight routine!

One circuit of:

15 weighted squats

15 chest presses

15 lat presses

3 x

and one circuit of

Bicep curl/ Lunges 15x each leg

15 pec decks

15 rotator cuff exercises

15 lat pull downs

15 tricep curls


Whew love weight workouts!

When I was in the gym there were two other girls in there with me, and all of a sudden she got off her elliptical and went for a cigarette break!

Seriously? I don’t get it! How can you smoke and workout at the same time?

odd… anywho after my workout I got my lunch ingredients together and headed to pick up da little munchkin!

first thing he says to me… “I go to ChipotLE?” hahaha I died, he has this new habit of raising his voice at the end of a sentence! Guess we will be having Chipotle for dinner!

We played in the yard before naptime.. it is BEAUTIFUL today! Once he was down for the count.. it was lunch time for me!

Today’s menu: Buffalo Wing Chicken Pizza!

I used left over chicken from Sunday, one whole wheat sandwich flat, fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, mexican cheese and some crushed red pepper!

Easy peasy and popped in the oven for about 15 minutes!

It was pretty good… but the flat was a little soggy so I should have toasted them on their own for awhile! But the chicken in wing sauce was perfect on pizza!

Ok off to read about ethics!

How do you feel about gym smokers?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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