It’s over!

UConn won! Well really I wanted Butler to win… not in my bracket which of course died with Kansas… but oh well! I watched the game at my friend Kathleen’s and brought over a few sweet treats to nosh on!

I assume these were good… I know the brownies are yummy however I had an apple for desert… thanks to Lent! Yay ahhaha

Today I spent all day with the munchkin! His mom is due next week with BABY and so I am spendng some extra time with my fave boy!

He had swimming lessons- cutest thing I have ever seen

then a hot lunch date at Garbanzo! We split falafel, then I had my usual plate with lettuce, veggie salad, and hummus, while he ate chips pita bread, and chicken orzo soup!

yummm soup!                                                 I guess lunch and swimming tired him out!

After we got home we went for a quick 30 minute walk in the park, played with trains, and then it was nap time!

I was actually really productive during nap time today, finished several papers and did some reading! Then I took a quick nap of my own!

once he woke up it was dinner time! Jess (Munchkins mom) made bomb chili last night and I definitely went to town on it tonight!

barley, bug chunks of chicken, beans, corn, tomatoey goodness and of course a generous serving of cheese on top! So good I will need to get  the recipe from her!

OK its bed time! I have been exhausted for the past 3 days and I can’t figure out why!

What is your favorite type of chili?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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