“It’s Lady Gaga?”

I hate doing laundry/putting laundry away! Probably because I have more clothes than a normal person and it takes FOREVER…. blegh

Sorry that is enough whining!

Today Zach learned how to play soccer! We walked our usual 2.2 miles and then played soccer in the green!

Too cute right? Afterwards while waiting for dinner we were listening to music, T-Swift to be exact! And little one goes “It’s Lady Gaga?” hahahah I cracked up! He is too much! For dinner as per his request we went to Chipotle with Jess! Did you know Chipotle had brown rice now? I did not!! OMG sooo goood! I usually only get a salad but of course I had to try the brown rice! I forgot how much better burrito bowls are with rice! I forgot my phone so didn’t take a picture but if your local Chipotle has brown rice you gotta try it!!

After dinner I ran to Target and got munchkin a special present! A Little Tykes adjustable basketball hoop!! I am really excited about it! Then it was home to make Fudge Cookie Chocolate Cake!

Yes that is right… Chocolate Cake topped with Cookie Dough and covered in fudge frosting… drooling yet? Yea these babies were definitely testing my will power!

I used the Pioneer Woman recipe that Kristin posted a few days ago and just added cookie dough!
Ok I cheated and used store bought cookie dough.. but I wanted to try out Pillsbury Natural! All natural cookie dough so it tastes just like homemade! Or well I think it does but not sure since I can’t try it!

mm fudgy cookie cakey goodness! They are thin and I can tell very gooey on the inside! hopefully my classmates and professor enjoy them!

ok off to sleep! I have been so tired all day!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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