The Kennedy’s

Story time:

My mom is obsessed with the Kennedys… she wanted to name me Caroline, wrote letters after Jackie O died, and when the plane JFK Jr crashed… it almost ruined our vacation to Maine!

Now that I am older I understand her, because I too love the Kennedy’s… last spring break in Punta Cana, while all my friends read trashy beach books, I read Ted Kennedy’s autobiography!  Maybe it’s the Irish Catholic thing, all I know is that after reading it, I decided to found a family dynasty of my own… preferably political…. yea um about that dream… FAIL

Why this discussion you ask? Well I am watching the mini series The Kennedy’s on Reelz right now instead of reading the book I am supposed to be reading right now! I can only take about 30 pages at a time! I am reading Client’s for Life, and some of it is really interesting, and then it gets too financy/businessy and I’m lost again.

sooo I’m taking a break for now and watching the Kennedy’s! Katie Holmes is Jackie O,  Greg Kinnear is Jack, it is interesting… the fake Boston accents aren’t quite up to snuff, but I love it anyways! This scene is at the doctor, fun fact did you know that in the 60’s Ritalin was given for sleep? HAHA supa fail because it actually keeps you awake!

ANYYYYYY WHOOOOO…. Lunch today was…… PEI WEI!!! I love Pei Wei, and PF Changs… sooo good! I had Chicken Lettuce wraps and Wonton Soup! With a Zevia Ginger Ale! Soda without the yucky stuff!

Ok back to da show… slash back to reading!

Are you a fan of the Kennedys?

Do you watch mini series based on historical events? What are your faves? I am a big fan of Band of Brothers, John Adams, and The Pacific!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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