Mommy Wow, I’m a big kid now!

Today I had my first consulting session!!! Yea boi! So I am feeling very legit and professional ahaha… too bad the rest of my day has not been as legit and professional!

Let’s see where do I begin? Oh yes… the Rollerblading CATASTROPHE of 2011

Me: Ooo look at all the people rollerblading in Wash Park that looks so fun and easy, I bet I could totally start to rollerblade again… I used to be really good… like 10 years ago

So I go and my rollerblades, and was super excited! Ya rollerblading… so cool right? WRONG! I put the on…. and was so unsteady!! OMG my master plan was not going to work! … what to do?? then… I see a guy with ski poles… GENIUS! SO I skated around the park with my ski poles… yes really cool right? No I looked insane! it’s fine… so  I am skating along listening to my 90’s mix because 90’s music rocks.. and I hit a rock! and down I go! bahhh bruised knee! Then I get up, shake it off continue on my merry way.. only to fall again… fail.

So it is safe to say that rollerblading is not my forte… however I am determined to get good at it! After all falling makes you get up and get stronger right?

After my rollerblading fail, it was time to go to the pool! I observed practice, then went to one meeting, and then it was my turn to consult! Basically I lead a group discussion of mental skills and how to use them in practice! It was awesome!

After that it was straight to my friend Ted’s for a bbq! It is so nice out we sat outside, chatted and ate burgers and hotdogs!


At 4, I went to get the munchkin, while Jess, her mom and sister in law had the afternoon to themselves! We went to my friend’s intramural softball game with the Wrigs… both boys were such a hit!

Now munchkin and I are watching Tangled..  I figured he deserved a treat!

Do you rollerblade?

What was your first job? or field placement?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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