Holy Productivity!

Its Monday, Monday, gotta get down on Monday… right? Rebecca Black anyone?  Yes that song Friday has infiltrated my life and I pretty much have it stuck on my head constantly…. winning… duh

Have you seen Friday? Check it out! She has a really nice voice… but shes all of 13 and I am sure can do much better than this! But props on a youtube sensation!

And then check this out.. you will die of laughter because really it’s hilarious and who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon and Steven Colbert? (besides my grandmother who thinks Colbert is a heretic)

Ok that’s enough of my youtube trolling for today.. maybe.. but really besides that I have actually been quite productive today! This weekend was a blur basically of consulting! We had a two hour session yesterday, and the one on Saturday, so I did not have much time to get actual school work done… or well when I did I was too exhausted to do it!

So this morning I got up, decided to do my 10 miler later this afternoon to see if I run better later, and hunkered down in my study zone (aka my bed) to write two papers and some other work I needed to do for school related things! Now if I can get the motivation to do more reading and write some notes we will be golden… hmm maybe I’ll take a break and come back to that.

Today’s lunch consisted of a new thing for me… a SANDWICH! I love sandwiches but almost never eat them so this week I decided to make them my lunch staple!

Between the bread (which was an 100 calorie Sandwich Thin from Ozery Bakery)


1 slice of Swiss cheese


Honey mustard

I put all the toppings minus mustard on my bread and toasted in the GF for a few minutes, added the mustard and put some cantelope on the plate and voila yummy healthy lunch!

Turkey sandwiches are definitely my favorite kind of sandwich!

What is your favorite sandwich?

Are you having a productive Monday?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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