I have a thing for hats


Hope you all have had a good weekend! I have decided that instead of a long winded post about how my weekend has been so hectic and I feel like I could sleep for 1,000 years (but then I would be even worse at rollerblading) I have decided to share a few thoughts, and mostly just pictures from my weekend!

Lets start with the food:

love these.. hence the empty bag                                     sesame ginger chicken salad with cucumbers

cheeseburger                                                                              waffle fries!


Yum yum yum… lots of delicious food! I was craving burgers again after yesterdays bbq, but the George Foreman isn’t quite as good as a real grill!


yes they look cute and harmless….        NOT

Then.. BBQ time!

And back to Ted’s after babysitting!

lots of hand stands…. and LEONARDO!!… from TMNT

As you can probably notice.. I kind of have a thing for hats as proven by:

Ted… both of these hats are his!

and not just baseball hats!

hahaha seen enough? Yes…  I really like hats! mostly ones that I steal/borrow from guys… and mostly just my friend Ted… he has the best hats!

Ok off to get my friend Julie from the airport! Then home for much needed sleep, then a 10 miler in the am! So see you in da mornin!

Are you a hat person?

Did you enjoy beautiful weather this weekend?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry


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