Baby, Baby, Baby, OHHHH

Yes I am really into songs as titles… probably because I am constantly singing to myself in my head…yes thats right I do live in my own fantasy land… it’s fun come join me!

But today’s song is for a joyous occasion! BABY IS HERE!!!!! Zach is officially an older brother and I get to nanny for a sweet baby boy! Congrats Jake and Jess!!!!

Today has been a crazy day, I picked munchkin man up at 6:45 am well I went to his house and woke him up, and then drove him to school! And then went to my 8 am…. like a zombie! After class I got a small second wind and did a weight circuit before picking up the little dude!

We spent the afternoon watching Tangled… again… I love it SO much it is the best Disney movie in awhile! I was going to head back to  the gym…. but was not feeling it! So instead I came home and made dinner!

Tonights plate? CRAB CAKES!!!! I love Crab Cakes… maybe because I lived in Maryland for a hot minute (ok three years) and we have a beach house on the Delaware shore! Also when I lived in NYC my mom would come visit and we would rent a car and drive down to the beach, and at least one night (probably both nights) we would make homemade Crab Cakes!!!

Of course I forgot the most important ingredient…. OLD BAY! fail but they were still yummy!


Lumb Crab Meat

Yogurt Cesear Dressing (wanted ranch but they didn’t have it at the G-store :()

Pico de Gallo

Cayenne Pepper

Cracked Pepper

I mixed all the ingredients together and formed a cake/ball with my hands! Broiled them for 15, flipped em and broiled another 10

yummmy only they kinda fell apart, but thats ok because they tasted just as good! Served with a spinach, raspberry, almond salad with Rasberry Balsamic vinegar dressing! This was awesome.. the Raspberry Balsamic was amazing… so flavorful!

Ok I am so tired… I know it’s 8 but I might go  to bed… cool huh?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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