Missing Italy

Why hello!

Today has been a good day! Have you had a good Wednesday? Today we had our first mock trial in Ethics class, so fun! I love that kind of stuff, not enough to actually become a lawyer… but enough to enjoy doing it in class!

When I got home, it was straight to the gym for me for a killer speed workout…

10 min warm up

6x 800 sprints (3 min @ 7.7-8, 1 min @ 5.5)

5 minute cool down

Whew it was tiring but it felt great! I came home and made another turkey sandwich for lunch, this time with guacamole for a topping! With some strawberries and raspberries as a side, and of course my daily green tea!

Then finally finished my book woo woo, some more work, and off to yoga sculpt! I decided to double team my work outs today in case I couldn’t get to the gym tomorrow!

Straight to consulting after a shower and quick snack of 1/4 c  2% Fage yogurt with Agave syrup with a few chocolate chips 🙂

2 hours of consulting later and I was supa hungry! Tonight I was craving something simple, so I made whole wheat penne with butter, white truffle oil, and parmesan cheese, topped with grape tomatoes! This was awesome… the white truffle oil totally reminded me of Florence! There was an amazing restaurant there that had the best pasta with truffle oil! mmmmm…. can I just fly to Italy right now? I miss it!

ok off to bed!

Have you ever been to Italy? If not or if so what is your favorite city/ other European country?

Florence is my favorite… and I think Italy wins as my favorite country as well!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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