Nothing like a 90s sing a long!

Hello friends!

Sorry about the blog absence! I was supa busy yesterday… ok not really but I wasn’t home most of the day so that inhibited me from writing!

So allow me to recap the weekend….



it was so windy though, we left at the top of the eighth…. and the Rockies were beating the Cubs so I was depressed haha

Liza and I went straight home and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1… ok well I watched about 30 minutes of it before passing out! I woke up at 3 am feeling very disoriented…. until I reaized I was on the couch, and moved back!

I woke up yesterday at 9 which is late for me, feeling bleh and definitely not wanting to do the run I needed to do! However I made myself truck to the gym and completed a  crazy 30 minute running routine

It looked like this:

10 min warm up at 6

15 min starting at 7 and going up one every minute.. at 25 I was at 8.5 man it was tough!

5 min 6

10 minutes walking on maximum incline at level 4

I felt so much better after my run!

After a quick shower I was ready to run my errands! 3 grocery stores, one gas station, starbucks, and the liquor store later I was home! I had just enough time to make my famous Tory Burch Cookies, throw makeup on and do something with my hair which did not want to cooperate, before going to Wash Park to meet my friends Colleen and Melissa for a picnic in the park!

we thought it was going to be super warm and sunny… it wasn’t!

After our 2 hour picnic, we headed to another 2 grocery stores in order to get food for a cookout at our friend Ted’s! I bought enough food to feed a small army… my bank account hates me at the moment

I realize I kind of bypassed the cookies, these are my famous cookies that I developed in college, I will post the recipe later this week!

Everyone else was at the softball game, so the three of us chilled at Ted’s be ourselves until they got back! Don’t you love friends that let you hang out in their back yard when they aren’t home?

Once everyone got there it was BBQ time!

Tired of burgers, Melissa, Colleen and I ate grilled salmon! Oh how I have missed grilled salmon!

I made a big salad at Whole Foods, it was so good!

After dinner we chilled outside, it got way nicer after we left the park, and kicked a ball around that Colleen had bought at Safeway!

Then it was inside to of course play multiple rounds of Beer Pong (I played one game but I’m so bad I need to start practicing!)

Once it was dark I built a fire in the fire pit! I was so proud of myself!

from this….                                                                 to this! real fire!!

Love the bonfire… even if it does leave me smelling like a smoke house!

We ended the night still by the fire singing to 90s songs on my IPhone, nothing better than a 90s sing along!

This morning I woke up hungry for a bagel! Lucking yesterday in one of my 345678908765 trips to the grocery store I got Thomas BagelThins! These are so good!

After I scarfed my bagel I was productive and did some work, went to consult, then straight to Hot Power Fusion Yoga! Today’s class was a killer! I was jello at the end, and such a sweaty mess… sorry but it’s true! I had to come home and lay in my bed for half an hour before I could do anything productive!

yoga outfit!

Once I could move, Liza and I cleaned our whole apartment! It looks so pretty and  nice right now! While cleaning we played more 90s music via my AppleTV!

What can I say I just love 90s music!

After cleaning, we went to Bambu for a roomie date! We both had the Bambu Salmon with sauteed veggies! This was so good, it reminded me of my favorite restaurant in NYC, SPICE! Afterwards we both had a small cup of Strawberry Lemonade Froyo (It’s Sunday, I can cheat on Lent today)

Now we are bumming on the couch watching Celebrity Apprentice!

What is your favorite song from the 90s??

Did you spend time outside this weekend?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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