Good Morning!

Happy Tuesday!

Oof I am sore today after my 11 miler! My body did not want to get out of bed this morning! However I did get up, and went about my normal morning routine:

Wake up, stare into space in the fetal position for about 5 minutes

lug out my laptop or IPad- whatever is closest- and check out Peanut Butter Fingers, and Live, Laugh, Eat, religiously every morning! Usually I will read one, go make breakfast and read the other one whilst eating it!

That was the case this morning! Today after reading Julie’s blog I was craving a bagelwich! So I made one consisting of: 1 whole wheat bagel thin

1 side was smeared with cream cheese

1 side with raspberry jam

topped with thin apple slices

I ate the rest of the apple slices with 1 tsb of chocolate almond butter!

Then I read Allies blog before getting dressed, doing something relatively created with my ponytail… I braided the front part! and driving to class with Liza!

After reading PBF religiously, I really want to make a fashion page, however….. most days I put zero effort into going to class.. think leggings, work out clothes, and sweatshirts! A big day is jeans and a t-shirt… or maybe if I’m feeling really adventurous a cute sweater or polo.. yea I go all out I know. But outside of class I like to think I usually look cute… I’ll think about it hahaha

ok off to watch my friend Ted present in class!

What’s your morning routine?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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