I got Soul but I’m not a Soldier

I have had this song stuck in my head all day!  Maybe because I am wearing my Soul hoodie! It is my  memorabilia from my favorite spin studio in NYC! If you live in NYC and haven’t been to either Flywheel or SoulCycle, then you haven’t lived… or at least ever had a quality Spin Class, unless you go to Crunch or Equinox because those are pretty legit… but not as good.. I’m kind of a spin snob… it’s fine

In another vain, I had a hot date today… with Zach haha. We went to the Denver Zoo, Garbanzo, and then to Barnes and Noble! He was so cute, especially when we saw the Gorillas! He loves monkeys so that was our favorite part!

As fun as my morning/ early afternoon was, Garbanzo was a baaaaad idea! So good, but literally is a brick in your stomach. Not so good on my 11 mile run today! At mile 2.5 I was ready to call it quits, I felt 3456789 lbs, however I used self talk to push myself through it! That and I had sweet 90s music pushing me on! I’ve been on a real 90s kick lately!

I came home and made a seafood feast! Scallops in a white wine sauce and steamed Mussels! I love Mussels and scallops so this was basically heaven for me! That and a spinach, strawberry, almond, and feta salad!

So good! ok gotta scoot, it’s time for Gossip Girl!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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