Breakfast for Dinner!

That’s right its BRINNER TIME!!! Today I was really craving breakfast for dinner, I originally wanted french toast because I LURVEEEE french toast howeva my bread was funky and Liza was making pancakes sooooo Pancakes it was!!!!
I made lemon and ricotta pancakes with raspberries, a recipe you can find here
I used whole wheat flour but other than that followed the recipe to a t! Of course Maria’s looks much prettier than mine… Liza’s looked prettier too!

Lizas….                                                            Mine! with chocolate soy milk….. YUM

Deeeelish! I love brinner!

Today’s weather has been so weird, rainy, thunderstorm, then sunny! My afternoon was spent doing reading, booking flights, and looking at puppies which is like my favorite thing to do in my spare time now!

For an afternoon snack I blended up a healthy smoothie!

In da blender:

Chocolate Soy Milk

1 c Frozen strawberries/bananas

1/4 c fage yogurt

Seriously smoothies are the best healthy, filling and they fufill my sweet craving!

In order to save myself washing I poured it into my leftover green tea cup! I’m so green hahaha

After getting some work done, it was off to my friend Connor’s going away happy hour before going to yoga sculpt! Today Kathleen and I went to a 75 minute class!! whoosh it was awesome!!! I wanna take a 75 minute class more often it went by so fast!

ok off to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall! I love this movie, it is definitely one of my faves!

What is your genre of movies? I’m more of a comedy girl, but I through in chick flicks and dramas often!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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