If you ain’t first, your last

Good morning!

It is a gray morning here in Denver 😦 one of the like 4 days without sun here!


This morning followed my usual morning routine, but today’s bagelwich was different! Chocolate Almond Butter, Apples and Raspberry jelly!!

Today I not only read Julie’s blog, and Facebook, but read an actual book! Im a total nerd and am starting my annual re-read of Harry Potter! So I’m starting on Book 3!

Does anyone else re-read the HP books?

In other news, while I was makin myself purdy today I realized I had an awesome crimp from the braid in my hair…. Lizzie Mcguire much?

yea so cool right? I actually used to own a crimper and crimp my hair ALL  the time! When I was like 12… winnerrr

On the drive to class today we were listening to rap and one of the songs was about Ricky Bobby, from Talladega nights!

This movie is actually one of my favorites! Basically all movies with Will Ferrel in it are awesome!

so many goood quotes… love it!

I have realized that this post has absolutely no cohesion, it’s basically me jumping around to different thoughts… ADD much?

my friend Ted got asked to prom… he coaches a high school lacrosse team, and my other friend Ian coaches a girl’s soccer team at the same school, and they bet each other that whoever gets asked to prom gets a ridiculous haircut… suprisingly Ian didn’t get asked, but Ted did!

this picture doesn’t quite do it justice… but he looks like a redneck

ok back to Ethics… today we are talking about multiple relationships! Take away message- don’t have an outside relationship with your clients…. its’s bad news bears!

Do you have a job where multiple relationships may be an issue?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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