Be a Tigger Not an Eeyore

For those of you who have not read/seen The Last Lecture, basically a Tigger is well like Tigger himself, energetic, bouncy, full of life and optimism, and well Eeyore is… Eeyore! we all love him but he is a tad pessimistic and grumpy.. always seeing the glass half empty!

Why am I discussing this? It popped up in my head today during Clinical Issues! I try to be a Tigger most days (if you know me you can probably agree with this) but we all have our Eeyore days! (this week in particular :() However it is important to not become totally Eeyore because life is so worth enjoying, and even in te darkest days I like to think there is still so much more left to look forward to! What’s the use in being grumpy when it is so much more fun to be like this:

these babies are obviously happy!

Ok had enough of my inspirational speaking?

So I didn’t post yesterday because I got lazy and tired! Buttt it was a pretty supa day! Apres class Lize and I went and got our nails did, and then went shopping!!! Ok I have to admit… I broke Lent…. I bought clothes…. BUT I COULDNT HOLD OUT ANY LONGER!!!!!! This is why you should never bring me to JCrew when I am supposed to not shop… because that along with Lilly Pulitzer is literally heroin to me… oh and Williams Sonoma but that’s a whole other story!

Post shopping, it was home to clean, finish laundry, do some work…. go to the movies with Kathleen… you know all the responsible grad student type things! Oh and the quickest 20 minute work out ever

10 min up hill (15) at 4.5 on the tready

10 min full body weights

I was supposed to do a longer work out but ran out of time.. oh well!

Kathleen and I saw Soul Surfer last night! O M G… this movie…. go see it… NOW seriously get off your couch/bed/office/phone/picnic blanket… and go to a theater and see this movie! We cried the entire time.. it was the most inspirational movie I have ever seen! And perfect for a budding Sports Psychologist such as myself (and Kat)! Bethany Hamilton is legit my new hero! seriously re-watching the trailer made me tear up

Also… Happy Good Friday y’all! Or Happy Passover/ Good Shabbos/ Yay its the weekend! Can you tell I am food deprived yet? Yes thats right… food deprived! I have been fasting all day! I have never fasted before, but decided to give it a try on Ash Wednesday and today… and it has been tough but good for me! Sometimes a little bit of sacrifice is good.. right?  But today I managed to get up AGAIN for yoga sculpt at 6:30! so proud!

But its ok because in 1 hour… I get CHIPOTLE!!! winning.. yes! I can’t wait! My professor had a huge donut in class today.. and while I haven’t eaten a donut since I was 16…. I really wanted that one!

Ok gotsta go do some work before…. I GO TO CALIFORNIA!!!! Yup I am going to the OC!

bahhh I love both of these shows!!! But maybe Laguna Beach better??? I will be in Newport (where the OC took place!) for Easter! Pmull decided it was time for all us to be together for Easter, and Billy goes to Chapman (Orange, Ca) sooo Cali it is! I am supa excited.. this is beginning of my two weekends away! Next weekend… NYCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I’m excited?)

There will def be Cali posts so stay tuned!!

Which show do you like better? OC or Laguna Beach?

Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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