Remember me?

I am sorry! I’m the worst! But I only had my IPad this weekend…. and while yes I could have posted… I choose not and to enjoy the weekend with my fam as we are so seldom all together!

However I took lots of pics so thats what I want to share with you now! Also I want to tell you to get your behinds over to Kristin’s blog and make yourselves Homemade PF Changs Lettuce Wraps! I made them tonight for me and Liza…. SO GOOD! A definite winner as we all know how I feel about lettuce wraps!
So here is my trip in a photo nutshell:

YAY my fast is done!!!

if you like pina coladas

life is gooodddd

the boysssss

Easter breakfast!

I did it! 12 miles…. and 5 were in the rain! it was actually my best run yet! I found I enjoy running in a light rain… keeps you cool! I was jamming to my 90s playlist and of course dancing… hey no one knows me in Cali so its ok right?

For Easter dinner we had take away PF Changs with my brother Billy and his bf Nick! I should have taken a pic of them but it was my first time meeting him and I didn’t want to come off to strong! Or well stronger than I already do… I think I can be a tad much some  times… oops

Now for the Easter Sweets!

soooo much salt water taffy!      ps remember candy cigarettes? the good type     that doesn’t ruin your body? Instead is gum with powdered ugar wrapped in paper… ya my brothers and I used to get them at a dollar candy store in Wheaton, Illinois! This candy store we went to in Laguna Beach was soo cool! Three rows full of salt water taffy barrels, all this old school candy, and other fun candy I hadn’t seen for years! It looked like an old general store!

Im such a nerd but I love star wars! and I had to get a picture of these! so funny!

after the candy shop we wnt to our favorite fro yo place! My mom only had enough cash on her for 1 because the cash machine there wasn’t working so selflessly she let me have it (and she had ben and jerrys mint cookie at the hotel)


And of course my main staple… JELLY BEANS!!!! legit ate SO many! Luckily I had baby bro around to help me! (Billy doesn’t eat candy so me and Kev got all of it mwahahaha)

I like the red and pink the best!

And of course the parents had their ice cream too! We are an ice cream family!

Yes they were in two separate rooms at the time eating their own carton… My dad was watching House Hunters, and we were watching Brothers and Sisters!

Ok tahts all for now! Sorry for the hiatus! Ill be back in full tomorrow and I promise I will post this weekend from NYC!!!

What was your Easter weekend like?

Whats your favorite Easter treat?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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