Chicago, Chicago!

Greetings from the Windy City… ok Midway Airport hahaha.. same thing right?

I love Chicago… it’s the city of my birth after all, and it pains me a little not to be able to leave the airport! Oh well in like 30 minutes I will be on anuzzer aeroplane heading to the Big Apple!!

Favorite part of Midway airport…. POTBELLY!!

I love Potbelly sandwiches… they are the jam unfortunately I have yet to find one in Denver, or NYC.. soooo whenever I fly southwest I get a treat! YAY!

Turkey with Swiss, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mustard and Italian Seasoning!

ahhhh so goood! I want more hahaha.. ony I have to save room because tonight I am going to my favorite restaurant in NYC!!! more on that lataz!

So I was on Kath’s blog  today and she is doing a 30 day challenge… that I have also decided to partake in! woo so I will be addressing one topic everyday for 30 days! That way all you loverly readers can learn more about me! Yay!?


Ok lets do this…

Day 1. My current relationship? Myself!!! I am taking time to love myself and develop more as a person before I invite anyone else into this hahahaha. But really after a kind of disastrous break-up right before my senior year of college I have been a bit gun shy hahaha, I am a tad more cautious now and so I won’t jump into just anything! Downside? I’m one of my only single friends… upside… I get to do whatever I want when I want (see rollerblading debacle), and I get to really be free to travel, explore, and look into PhD’s without feeling tied down or like I needed to account for someone else. I do miss being in a relationship however this time alone as well as things I learned in college are getting me ready for the next great relationship! After all I believe you take lessons from everything in order to build on yourself and make a good thing better! (I’m really just waiting for Prince Harry to break up with Chelsy Davys for good)

If you haven’t noticed… I’m slightly (ridiculously) independent… it’s something I’m working on!

Are you single? If so whats your favorite part? 

If in a relationship, any advice for us single gals/guys?

ok time to board!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


4 thoughts on “Chicago, Chicago!

  1. Ahh yes now i am single, 11 month relationship and im alone now. But im starting to see the good and the bad in the situation.. I would have to say if something went wrong with my relationship: it would have been our Communication
    But to the windy city, besides Potbelly, i miss the very delicious Deep-Dish-Pizzas.!

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