Oh to be a true Brit

I mean I basically am British- both my parents and baby bro have British citizenship….. so that extends to me too right? Silly university (or uni as we saw across the pond) getting in my way! But seriously I am whole heartedly thinking about hopping back over the pond post masters… I just love British people (on a good day, on a bad day when I get frustrated that everything closes at 5 and there is no Target, JCrizzle, Lilly, Bloomingdales, or drive thru Starbucks)

Today however I wanted to be in London SOOOO BAD!!!!! Tant pis instead of cuddling with my bff I was able to hang out with my friend Melissa at 2 am to watch E!’s coverage! OMG Guiliana Ransic is actually hilarious PS, like seriously some of her comments… had me cracking up. I was a little sad not to watch the Today show as I LOVE Meredith however you really can’t beat E! for stuff like this… the entertainment value is just so  much higher!

So basically as you can probably tell I am obsessed with the Royals… This stems from my love of history and the fact that I am fascinated by Royalty! I chalk it up to our lack of Royalty here!  From William the Conqueror to William Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) I am basically obsessed… I have read all the Phillipa Gregory books on Henry VIII as well as the War of the Roses, took a British studies class where basically we learned about the history of the Royal Family, visited countless castles (my favorite is the Tower…. it’s so cool) and basically just read a ton about the history of the Royal Family! There is just so much history, and it amazes me that William and Harry (my future hubby) can still read original letters from Henry VIII, as well as other historical artifacts… how cool is that??????

Of course I am also basically just a history nerd in general… American, European, the Ancient societies especially! I just love reading about it, watching movies about it, learning about it! The world has changed soo much it amazes me how society has developed!

Anyway back to the wedding, it was hard getting up esp knowing I had to catch a flight right after… but we had a great albeit sleepy time! We loved watching all the guests come in with their interesting headwear! I am definitely getting a sweet hat for Kathleen’s wedding in July!

something like Posh’s maybe? Ugh Ilove the Beckham’s.. they are so gorgeous!

Or one of these?

Personally I’m a big fan of Princess Eugenie’s also I  think she’s stunning!

she looked stunning!!! She’s so teeny, and she looked like a modern day brunette Grace Kelly!

This bridesmaid dress would definitely be one I would wear!! No justifying a bad dress with “You can shorten it and wear it again”. Pippa looked absolutely amazing in this simple dress by McQueen!

ahhh look at that cheeky grin! I just love him, I think he’s way cuter than Wills, tho I do love him too! Melissa and I kept wanting them all to be miked ala reality TV in order to hear what they were saying, they all looked so cute and comfortable together!

Now my favorite by far was the Queen! She looked so cute in her yellow ensemble… she makes 85 look good!

and of course the world’s favorite moment…..

look at them! so in love… it makes my heart hurt but in a good way! I totally teared up at the beginning of the wedding, it was just so sweet and everytime they looked at each other the look on their faces was one of pure love! I felt that despite the public nature of the wedding and their lives it had a very intimate and personal feel to it! Maybe because Catherine took it very much into her own hands, at least took what she could considering Royal protocol!

Ahh I just love weddings! And now I am at the airport for 10 years! I was going to work out and then go, but was worried about rush hour traffic… whaddya know… there was none!!!!!! Blah maybe I’ll just walk around the terminal several times.. that counts right? A work out probably would have been a bad idea anyways considering I almost fell asleep several times on the drive over here… and I was the driver… :/!

Ok I’m off… to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you tell I am a bit excited? My friend from HS is having a big 23rd bday party and a few of us are coming up for it/ I get to see all my college friends! yay! I actually have my comp this time so I will be blogging along the way!

What did you think of the Royal Wedding?

Are you a history nerd too?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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