I’m a catalyst!


I know…. its been two days… Im a bad blogger shame on me… I’m sorry its been gogogogogogogogogogo since I got here…. literally.

Can I just say this… I LOVE NYC….. i love it.. funny how eight months away gives you perspective! I have decided to apply to Columbia and Fordham! I miss it here… I know my freinds won’t be here forever and I don’t want to raise my family here, but I do miss it. Funny how nostalgia can make all the negative vanish ya?

I realized today though how loved I am! I don’t want to sound self-obsessed because I’m not, but 13 girls showed up at 10 am to have brunch with me today! 10 am… on a Sunday…. I didn’t even want to get up! It was amazing to me that everyone came to see me, and catch up! Thanks girls I’ve missed ya! We were joking today that none of them really see each other anymore, and it took me coming back to bring them back together… I’m a catalyst!

This has been a great weekend, tonight I spend 3 hours with the family I lived with in the Hamptons for two consecutive summers! Sadly I am not going this summer and I am actually really sad about it! I miss those two little boys so much!!! They really did become a family for me!

I came home and hung out with my bff Nicole and her bf Will! Now we are watching the news… can you believe Osama is dead?!?

ok Im exhausted and I am going spinning at 7:30!!!!! Cannot wait! More about this weekend later!

Do you ever miss your college town?

What is your favorite thing about NYC?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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