Better times they are a-coming

Goodness I HOPE this quote that I saw while i was running in CENTRAL PARK yesterday! While my weekend in NYC was fantastic and made me fell loved beyond belief, being back here just makes me feel alone for some reason. (writing this while  in my room with the door closed listening to emo music hahaha) I dunno I’m just being silly but I am just ready for something new and fun to happen, something hat will give my life a tad more depth? Basically I need a hobby other than school/munchkin/consulting/working out obsessively. Any suggestions?

So back to that run….I had quite the ambitious work out yesterday.. NYC does this to me! I went spinning at SOULCycle.. my favortie spin studio, and then ran 5.5 miles in Central Park! It was wonderful, god I miss that place… SO FREAKING MUCH…. I want to go back.. now…

Can you tell I’m having withdrawal?

So after my run/spin on Monday, I had a wonderful time shopping with Nicole (besto) where we came up with my future private practice… RETAIL THERAPY… am I right or am I right? One I would be great at this because I am awesome at helping people shop (thank you shopping addiction) and also you always talk to your friends about issues when you are shopping so why not make therapy more fun by doing it while shopping? Ok confidentiality MIGHT be an issue.. but hey I’m still working out the kinks… yes this from the Sports Psychology Consultant in training…. oops.

aaaand thennn we went to my favorite lunch place… Grey Dogs! If you live near NYU or Chelsea… GO NOW… it’s sooo goood! Sandwiches, burgers, breakfast, coffee, cool slightly hipster environment! AFter that we said goodbye.. tear, and I met my friend Lauren from HS for a Starbucks date! This was a back from college tradition with us until she moved to Houston this summer! It was so nice to catch up with her! We were both in NYC for our friend Lyndsey’s 23rd birthday Booze Cruise!

me and the birthday girl!!!

high school reunion! Lauren, Mark, and Me!

me and my friend Cara… on a boat!!!!

yes that is me… rapping I’m on a Boat… I know EVERY word… sad? possibly

After the cruise ended we met up with Nicole and her BF Will at my favorite bar in NYC, Brother Jimmys!

Best part of Bro J’s? The fishbowls! Athough they leave you with a serious sugar crash the next morning.. not much alcohol….. A LOT of fugar

Oh man I am the definition of a winner… do you know how many of these pictures I have? Like 800…. its ridiculous

Nicole and Will!!! soooo purdy

yea… winning… but look at all the cool straws!

Ahhh great night! It was the reason I wnet up, and it was definitely a TOP night! (anyone see that seen in Wedding Date where the cousin drunkenly yells that? no just me?)

On Sunday… brunch time!!! I’ve already described it so I will just share pics with you!

ahhhh so fun!!!! Thank you everyone for hosting me/ hanging out/ just being awesome!!!!
Now I’m back.. and it’s a little bit of a flat feeling… but oh well

On the bright side theres been a lot of good food today!

Wing Sauce Chicken Salad for lunch with homemade pita chips and guac!

And a very veggie pasta salad for dinner! I love pasta salad! It always reminds me of swim meets in middle school, because they would sell bomb pasta salad at the concession stands! I have been recreating it myself for sometime now and it s really easy!

Whole Wheat Fusili

Cucumbers (one whole cuke)

Peppers ( I used 1 orange one)

1 c slices grape tomatoes

Wishbone Light Italian dressing to taste!!

yumm so good! For a little extra protein I added some chicken sausage!!!

Ok off to do work.. bleh

Do you ever suffer post-trip blues?

What do your favorite foods remind you of?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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