May the 4th be with you

Ok…. so first things first, this afternoon’s post was a departure from my usual quasi-ADHD ridiculous posts but I wanted to share another part of me! And ya know what? I’m really glad I did! It made me realize after ppl reached out to me, that so many people feel that they have to bundle up their stuff, as to not burden others! I know its hard and scary but let it out! From now on I am actually going to use my friends as sounding boards, and while I still don’t want to overwhelm them, talking it out will help, and build the bonds of friendship. Seriously self-disclosure between friends is what shows us someone really trusts us! So even if it is just one person, pick a friend to call, skype, text, run with, anything so that you know that you always have someone!

On that same token.. show your friends you appreciate them! Whether it’s a thank you, a batch of cookies, or just a smile, sometimes we forget to really show the people in our lives some love. It is easy to get wrapped up in stuff and forget but when the chips are down our support system is always there! Thank you everyone for showing me that today!

Ok… so emo note aside… today is STAR WARS day…. May The Fourth Be With You…. hahahahah get it?? May The Force Be With You? HAHAHAH so funny… and I am the biggest nerd ever… but it’s cool cuz it’s one of my quirks and I love it… I’m a cool nerd (right?) Anyways today I saw on Kim’s blog Star Wars cookies… made with Star Wars cookie cutters!!!! I got so excited I ran to tell LIza about them…. and then of course after spending time with Munchkin and his mom  (Happy Birthday Jess!) I went straight to Williams Sonoma and bought them! yesssssssss

Sadly the dough has to chill so no cookies till tomorrow… but still how cool right?  I also wanna talk for a second about how much I love WIlliams Sonoma. It cures all…. I want to work there, and get a discount on all the fun toys!

Ok off to go fall asleep to Star Wars… I mean duh of course I have to watch it tonight

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Are you a sharer of emotions or a holder-in?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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