Cinco de Mego!

Yea… that was lame but Im slightly delusional from exhaustion/ cold coming in/ taco salad/cookie dough… get the picta?

Today was a full one! I woke up early to drive Liza to Kathleen’s, who was driving Liza and Lana to the airport! They are at a training weekend for the summer camp they are working at this summer! I was gonna gym it then, but ended up not having enough time! So I caught up on phone calls, did some reading, and relaxed in Starbucks before class! Apres class I had a big ol’ bowl of pasta salad while I rested/ worked on a presentation! Then it was gym time! today was lazy. due to  my feeling kinda shady! 45 minutes on  the elliptical doing hills, while watching Tuesday night’s Glee! Omg this episode…. it was so emotional… Glee you just continue to amaze

Then it was a quick jaunt to the mall, errands, and Zach time! traffic was so bad today we had to cut out our scheduled walk in the park :(! Which was a shame as it was like 74 today! After leaving Zach and co, it was straight downtown to pick up Kathleen for Cinco festivities! We ended up at a chill Mexican restaurant with our friend Elizabeth. Nothing too crazy but that was needed! We feasted on yummy Mexican food… I had a Beef taco salad, warm, beefy, chessy, soooo good and exactly the comfort food I needed!!!

Then it was home to make STAR WARS COOKIES!!!! so excited! Now I am watching Star wars again and about to pass out…. I’m such a cool kid!

Also I came home and read Julie’s post about Rome… and I just really wanna go back to Italy!!! I miss it so much!!! There is nothing quite like sitting in an italian cafe with a book and a delicious glass of house wine! Even alone it is a wonderful experience!! That and all the history, art, the beautiful plazas, churches, and scenery! Ugh I want to go now!!!! Next year my mom and I are going to hike in Cinque Terre! It is off the coast near Tuscany… sooo beautiful!!!

What were your Cinco de Mayo plans?

Are you a sci-fi junkie?


Eat, Drink and be Sperry!


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