Something Borrowed

Happy Friday errbody!!!
Hope you are all having a good day/night! Tonight I had a lovely date with Kathleen!!! We went to see Something Borrowed! SOOOO good, usually I am not a fan of books turned into movies but this one passed my test!
Kitkat and I are quite the popcorn lovers… we both ate our own bags…. win… and candy… and Coke Zero… I love movie dinner!
Earlier I had another hot date… froyo with mista munchkin! He requested “Ibe Cweam” upon being picked up from school, and I aqcuiesced because really…. you can’t say no to that face

Can we just talk for a minute about the flavors I got? Tart… it’s my favorite… and mixed fruit… OMG this was like fruit punch in a froyo! SOOO yummy! Love Cherry on Top!

Then we went hat shopping…. Zach decided my hat was now his!

tooo cute!!!

Going further backwards into my day… I had my first solo presentation for about 30 minutes today… and I did it without notes and although I forgot some of the stuff I wanted to say I think I did pretty well!!!

Ok now off to catch up on last nights Private Practice!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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