Cookies for Breakfast?

Good Morning!!

So remember when you are little and there are treats in your house and all you want to do is eat them…. for every meal? Well I channeled my inner child today and had cookies for breakfast!! Ok  not a full cookies, but bits from the S’mores bars I was cutting up!  I know I mentioned them last but really… these babies are SOO good! like instant summer in our mouth! It’s weird because unlike actual S’mores I actually like these better when they are cooled down a little bit.. the flavors go together better, and the marshmallows are still goooeyyyyyy.. ahhh I want another one just thinking/staring at them next to me in class!

So if you arent convinced of their heavenly must have now nature, here are some pics to further persuade you!!!

loook at that goooey marshmallow-y goodness, and the solid layer of chocolate!! These babies were made for picnics, bbqs, to smuggle alone in your apartment and eat the entire pan.. what? Kids and adults alike love them.. seriously I think  this is one of the most requested/loved things that I bake! So if you are looking for a treat for the upcoming memorial day weekend.. here’s your best bet!

Speaking of Memorial Day… Have I mentioned how excited I am for that weekend????  One of my best forever friends for life or seastar as the two of us call each other is coming! Ally lives in London, she went to Uni there after hs and stayed there! Since my freshman year in hs we have been like sisters, in basically every sense of the word… whole weekends at her house, endless phone conversations, myriads of notes passed between classes, vacations to tropical places (Dubai, Egypt, Africa) fights, one of which last about 5 months our senior year of high school (that was by far the worst). However our friendship has withstood the tumultuous waves of adolescence and now we skype as much as possible with that pesky time difference and our increasingly busy lives. She is a real grown-up with a super cool job as a PR girl in London! I actually might ave her do a guest post on here because she has a fashion/life blog that is awesome!

Not only that but we have BEER OLYMPICS! yes my program is getting together to celebrate then end of the year by doing what we do best… other than school work and consulting….. drinking games! It will be fun to introduce Ally into this “culture” and she is super excited about it too! I also love warm weather and being outside during the day… and day drinking… speaking from a girl who went to a school where massive day drinking events such as tailgates NEVER happened..oh well.. I think it was worth it!

Of course I’m not very good at games like pong… so being the huge nerd that I am… I am going to practice everyday till then! I am determined to do better than usual!

Ok off to actually pay attention to this lecture

Stay tuned for a self-talk discussion lata!

Any plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

Are you still close with your friends from HS? I actually am still close with quite a few of them! we may not talk often but when we do it’s like no time has passed!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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