On my couch: Self Talk

Ahoy there!

I have decided to start a new series… on my couch! Get it.. because I’m training to be a psychologist you know a million years down the line when I finish my masters and PhD… yea ok moving on… sooooo I plan on talking about mental skills that I think are important for everyone to understand and I welcome feedback telling me how you use this in exercise, sports, or daily life!

Today’s topic is one of my personal faves: Self Talk! I got the idea to talk about self talk from Tina’s series Self Love Reflection and her discussion on Fat-Talk! If you haven’t read it go check it out because it is awesome! I think Tina is great and her faith and outlook on life are things I really look up to and admire! Thanks Tina!

Now to my lil lesson!

The number one person that we talk to and critique the most is ourselves. It’s true, and often what we are saying to ourselves is not always positive. From psyching ourselves out of an activity, to beating ourselves up when something goes wrong, you can really invite a lot of negative thoughts about yourself and your performance. The trick is to recognize these thoughts and STOP them in their tracks!

“I don’t wanna run today!”

Mindfulness is key for changing negative thoughts and being positive and loving towards yourself. Recognize activities and patterns in which you tell your self words such as can’t, not, I won’t be  able to, bad at, etc! If you think tor yourself for example I am bad running long distances, then you obviously haven’t tried, or been going about long runs the wrong way! (I am using this example because I had this happen prior to my half training) I used to be a BAD runner, like seriously bad, slow, lazy, cranky etc. However when I moved to Denver I began runnig in beautiful places, and focusing more on the scenery and on my music than running. In my 11 mile run for example, I felt bad, heavy tummy, lethargic etc. I wanted to stop, but instead I told myself you CAN do this, this is FUN, and once you have run 11 miles you will feel so accomplished! Thinking these thoughts, and being my own cheerleader got me over my hump, and the last 8 miles ended up being great! During exercise having a key word or song can help to trigger positive thoughts and stop negative ones! It can also make you work harder! So a power word such as BOOM! can help you do more reps, or use more weight, ZOOM could help you run a little faster etc. Like how I rhymed there? Yea I am tooo school for cool, but really find a key word that works for YOU, try it out and try out as many as you need! The key here is to only use something that is going to actually work!

“OMG I’m tired”

Once you know when you think negative thoughts, stop these thoughts and replace them with something better. So instead of I burned the cookies, I can’t bake at all! Think, oops I forgot the timer, well next time I will do better! Or oo I LOVE burnt cookies! (yea that last one is silly but still, making a joke out of it can release your tension) But placing a different spin on a thought will change your mood, and allow you to move on without becoming frustrated!

I especially want to touch on negative self talk towards your body! Trust me I am awful at this.. there are days when I feel puffy and look puffy and want to curl up in a  ball in my closet instead of put clothes on (this may have actually happened once or twice… or eight times who’s counting?) I tell myself I’m fat, and poke at the places I don’t like! This awraeness and these thoughts often plunge me into a worse mood! So lately, I stop and think hmmm well I’m bloated but look, my back has much more definition from Sculpt, and ooo look at my legs… yes those are nice! And various other thoughts about body parts that do look good! I also then make a mental note to put more effort into my target areas that I can work on! It is hard to not “fat talk” once in awhile, but this kind of self talk is so detrimental and can  lead to disordered thought and eating! Love yourself and love your body!

Mantras can also be a good thing. Yes they are cliche but sometimes they are just what we need to get us through. My favorite one is one I found on Julie’s blog and I know she uses quite often. “You are one work out away from a good mood” This is so true, and often exactly the motivation I need to get to the gym when I am not feeling so hot! Having those positive endorphins as well as the time in the gym can do wonders on your mood. If you are like me, then you prefer to gym it solo in order to reflect on thoughts, and event that happened that  day/week/ hour etc. I have always used my pool time to work through problems, it’s weird but I come to the best solutions in the water!

“I did it!”

Ok so, I hope to have taught you a little bit about self talk today and I hope you use some of what I have said!  Remember you are beautiful, strong and capable!

If you have any questions or just wanna chat email me: megmull007@gmail.com!

When do you use self talk?

Do you have a mantra that you use?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


2 thoughts on “On my couch: Self Talk

  1. Thanks for the link love! This is such a great post! I love mantras. One I really enjoy is saying “I embrace life” and “I live for Him”. Both help me keep perspective really well. Then, when working out I have things like simply “You CAN do this!”

    I also really like how you mention looking for patterns in thought processes. That’s a great idea and I never really thought of that.

  2. I love this new idea for your blog posts =)
    This one is great!!!!!!
    I just have to tell you how absolutely beautiful you are and how jealous I am of that! You have a gorgeous figure. I know I’m the pot calling the kettle black right now- but I want you to know how all that “fat talk” is the farthest from the truth- you are in amazing shape and I would die to have a body like yours =)
    And as for the idea of a mantra- definitely have a couple of those!!!!!!=)

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