Hi YAAAA! (yes imagine me karate kicking right now… doo it)

Can you tell I have a lot of energy today? Yea… it’s fine I’m on my own natural speed hahaha! Today is my friend D-lo’s bday!! Happy birthday D! To celebrate I hobbled out to join her and a few of our other friends for breakfast at Devil’s Food! Omg this place was awesome! I forgot to take pics but oh well! I had 2 poached eggs and potatoes…. man were these yummy!! I love poached eggs but I  never make them because I’m not very good at.. so I usually just fry em up! Today was special tho because someone else could do it for me yay!!!

The rest of the day was a haze of reading, doing some other work and a quick jaunt to the gym

20 min on the bike

25 minutes weight circuit

before getting my favorite little buddy! Today we drove to the park.. it’s a long walk for the cripple… and played, well mostly I pushed him on the swing for like an hour!

I came home and made a Caprese salad with spinach and chicken sausage for dinner! I’m on a caprese kick can ya tell? There is just something about tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil that I just cannot get enough of!

Now I am making S’more Bars for class tomorrow!!! Never had a S’mores bar? OMG you have toooo! So goood! Check out Kim’s blog for the recipe.. because I am lazy and don’t feel like typing it out right now!
Check back in tomorrow for pics yay!!!

S’mores Bars always remind me of my sorority, because I was first introduced to them by my friend Whitney!

She started a blog Nosh and Tell, which was actually the inspiration for my first blog! She and her friend Ariel have  a great blog so definitely go check them out! Whitney is graduating NYU soon and I am so proud of her and all the other girls graduating!!!!
Having a broken toe reminds me of freshman year… when I broke the same foot!

Yup thats my full leg cast for a broken foot…. Thank you Italy! We named it Token… I know SO cool.. did I mention I broke my foot running UP the stairs? And I TRIPPED UP the stairs… yes I am a special one…

Like I said I’m highly accident prone… it’s cool

Ok beddy bye time

What do your favorite treats remind you of?

Have you ever broken a bone in a silly way? 


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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