PSA: Blame it on the A AA AA Alcohol Baby


* Cue random Karate Kick and music interlude of Kung Fu Fighting*

It is a rainy cold day here in DENVA.. typical seeing as the last 4 days were BEAUTIFUL… blah! Anyways as I am here cuddled in my bed, I am thinking about drinking… ok not like having a drink, but the act of drinking!

Obviously as you can all tell, I am a social drinker, but I have been know to have a few too many in my time and well most of us have experienced the AWFUL feeling of wanting to crawl into a hole and never come back out after certain nights.

“I finally fell asleep and then had a gallon of water poured on me.. NOT cool”

Most of you know I spent high school in England which meant that I started drinking with permission earlier than the average American kid. I would like to think this taught me how to handle my liquor, but College begs to differ. However I did learn how to drink safely, and never drank in opposition of my parents or to make them mad. I had the advantage then of going to college and not going crazy, because the experience was nothing new.

For the most part, as long as I maintain within my limits I am a good drinker, I have recognized what I can’t drink, and how  much is too much.  There have been a few patches of rough times… but I would just like to state that I am and always have been a social drinker… I don’t drink alone, or really during weekdays, and in no way is this a harmful addiction problem! I was just going through the adolescent rites of passage that is learning how to drink!

Now I stick only to beer, with some wine, and  usually just once a week. But I’ve learned responsibility is the best policy!

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I want to impress upon my readers, especially those who are college age that drinking is fine and fun as long as you are responsible about it. Alcohol is not a healthy  coping  mechanism, it does not make problems go away, and it often exacerbates them. Drink with people you are comfortable with, people who if need be will take care of you, and keep you safe, and don’t use alcohol to help make big decisions, because that may not turn out just right.

Another thing , it is ok to not drink! I know as a college kid it may seem weird or like you are the super up-tight responsible one, but not drinking is something to be proud of! Sometimes my best nights are the ones where I stay the sober one! You remember every moment, can laugh at other people, and be judgement free because you know you won’t be doing the stupidest things! So embrace your strength and conviction because you are an admirable person! Never feel like you cannot be social or part of the group!

Sorry if this is preachy but I wanted to share some of what I have learned from myself and my journey with you guys!

What are your drinking habits?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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