30 Day Challenge

Goood Morning!!!

So remember when I decided to start the 30 Day Challenge.. but then kind of  stopped? Well I am restarting Yay!!

So Day 1 again? Here is what I said!

So Day 2!

Where do I want to be in 10 years??

Well for one I will have gotten my Doctorate and be an actual DOCTA… of Psychology, hopefully with my own practice that focuses on young adults and adolescents dealing with anything from sports issues, to eating disorders, to social and family problems etc. I really want to work with younger generations because I think it is so important that mental health and well-being start at a young age! Being taught to love yourself and given the tolls to become resilient and over come your toughest barriers are things I believe kids need to learn!  Of course I will listen to anyone who comes to see me (if it’s a good fit of course) and want to help everyone!

I would also like to travel more, and go to amazing places like Asia and South America! I have always wanted to backpack through Southeast Asia… blogger trip to Asia anyone? haha jk…

Overall, in 10 years I would like to be married and have at least one child! Yes I am single now, and that may not be changing anytime soon, I am hopeful that in the future it will! I am gaining more self-love now and I think am in a much healthier place than I was last year! My fear is often that I am going to be in school forever and not find anyone because of that, but I am learning that being in school doesnt matter… it’s a job… that doesn’t pay and is a lot of work!

I want to have four kids, I LOVE kids…. and I want to have a big family! I also hate odd numbers being one of three, and so its either two or four for me!! I also have my own version of speed flowing through my veins so I have enough energy to deal with lots of kids!

Also, maybe just maybe write a cookbook! I love collecting recipes and cooking/baking and experimenting in the kitchen and this blog is making me realize how much I love writing! I used to write constantly in HS, short stories, notes, some journalling, but kind of dropped the ball on it in college!

Who knows what exactly will happen in 10 years, but this post has shown me that I do have so much to be excited for!!

Where will you be in 10 years?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. I know this was day 2 but I think you already accomplished day 3’s task yesterday!!!
    You really are a special individual Meg- I love getting to know you through reading your blog. =)

  2. Psychology has always been a interest to me, even though i want to pursue Orthopedic Sugery. But the advancements of why things happen in the brain, and letting people confine things to you seems like such a fun job to go to everyday.
    Are you on the path to being a Psychologist in college?

    • Oh wow thats awesome! Yea I graduated with a BA in psych and am getting my masters now and then going to get my PhD!

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