And now back to our scheduled programing

Holy Crackpot!

GREYS IS INSANE!! also I am NOT a fan of Alex Carev!!! BAHHH!!!! CANNOT wait for the season finales.. GG, Greys, PP… thank goodness for Happy Endings or I would have nothing good to watch!

So I realize that lately I have been supa serious lately! All these posts about the future, alcohol, and my bad run… now I hope you lovely readers don’t think I’m crazy, an alcoholic, or just the biggest drama queen eva.. I swear I’m not!!! However I would like to say thank you to those that have sent some love my way, and the new friends I have made from my blog!! Seriously it is wonderful to have a budding community of friends!  So thank you!

Now back to the shiny bright Meg that dances and sings and is slightly ridiculous!!! No more dark and twisty Meg!!!

BAH you guys… MY HALF IS SO SOON!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! I can do this… with a broken toe… I CAN! right? YES

ok conversation with myself… winner… winner… CHICKEN SALAD FOR DINNER?

YAY! Pulled Buffalo Chicken salad with Pita Chips, and Guac!!! yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy!

 AHHHH sooo good! I seriously love Buffalo Chicken Salad!

Its so easy too… I buy a rotisserie chicken, shred it and pour sauce allllllll ova it!!! And then make it supa healthy with veggies!!! MMM spinach and peppers!

Also we all know I am obsessed with pita chips!

yup… Picking up Pita Chips to trick or treat with.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! True story I did hand these out to people… on the street…

In other news… I wanted to share the fun pics of the week!!

right? how cute is this little buddy!!! Legit I have spent every day with him for the past two weeks… but its cool because he’s actually the most ridiculous child ever! And it was HIS idea to take pics! He loves them… such a model hahaha

Also can I just put this out there in the world…. I LOVE LICORICE! I do…. it’s my favorite.. I would eat it over chocolate any day.. squishy, fruity, delectable!

I could eat the whole bag in one sitting… But I won’t….. If you are a candy lover.. I am kind of a candy lover…. but I don’t eat it very often, really only when I buy this licorice, orrr dark chocolate mnms! Those are also my kryptonite! Butttt if you are a candy lover you should check out Janae’s blog!! She is AWESOME, beautiful, hilarious, witty, and basically as life ADD as I am!

Ok this post was so ADD I am allll over the place!!!

But I have one more question… Brown or Blonde?

I need a change.. or well just to decide how I want my hair! I know it’s summer so I should go lighter but I am conflicted…. so gimme yo thoughts y’all!!!


yea… it’s basically two different people… I KNOW!!!!

ok.. thoughts?

Are you hair ADD? Life ADD? Relationship ADD? I’m all of the above


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


2 thoughts on “And now back to our scheduled programing

  1. I’m torn with the hair color! I like both!!!! I really like the style in the pic with blonde hair but I do really like the brown color…. lol. I’m no help haha

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