The Great Hair Debate


So as I have mentioned… I am hair ADD… legitimately…it is kind of a problem… here is the progression of my hair color/length

High school:


Now: There ok… now that I have made you look at a disgusting amount of pictures of my self… I promise to NEVER do this again… I feel completely egotistical right now…. bleh… you can see that I have basically done  a ridiculous amount of stuff to my hair! I am keeping it Long for now… but just can’t decide what I want to do for the color!!!! Help a sista out! haha

In other news… besides my vanity… BRIDESMAIDS is SOOOO goood!!!! Friday movie night was a go tonight…. and this was definitely worth it!!! SOOO funny, witty and just different than your average chick flick! I like how the main character really was her own worst enemy which is something I think we can all relate to! The only obstacle in our lives is often ourselves.. good message Bridesmaids!!! Plus I got to have my favorite dinner of Popcorn, Coke Zero, and Dark Chocolate MnM’s… after Z and I polished off teh licorice bag today.. he loves it too! So healthy right before my half eh? Well… Popcorn is a carb…..And I had a salad for lunch… so thats a win!

I have my race expo tomorrow!!! AHHH can you even believe my half is in TWO days? I can’t… bah…

ok time to go… it’s been a weird day and I need to peace out…


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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