Half, Half, Baby COME ON!!!!

I DID ITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two hours and Thirteen minutes later… ok well actually many more hours that that… because my race actually ended at 8:13.. hahah

OMG it was sooooo….. FUN! I had the best time! Yes I ran by myself, but that actually was the best part because I could keep my own pace, and.. . DANCE… which I did, a lot! I made a bomb play list that I will share latas, and purposely made my best faster paced songs towards the end! This resulted in a total surge of energy from 5-8 and then my toe started hurting

“Oh this is dumb, and I’m cold”

“MULLAN STFU and FOCUS on the music.. remember 10 minutes ago when you were having so much fun”

“Oh yea… that was nice”

Cue Forever by Drake.. and I took off again toe completely forgotten! Ps didja like my inner dialogue? That legit happens in my head… positive self talk much?

But really, my first 5 miles were a blur, I felt light and it was easy! Hit that rough patch, but my last couple of miles flew by too! I can actually saw I ran with a smile (or silly face) most of the time!!! Best part? I ran into friends who had run it at the end!!! I didn’t take pics.. I should have I know but I didn’t want to be THAT girl.. so I wasn’t.. that and at the end I was SO cold the pictures would have been blurry!

Yes it was drizzly and a cool 36 degrees for my race.. that started at 6 am… ideal? No, but I actually like running in cooler, overcast weather better anyways! I didn’t have any spectators, but that is because I didn’t want anyone to have to come sooo early and the cold! Maybe if it had been an hour or two later!… and sunny

After my race, the cold got to me and I had to leave my friends and get in ma car! Of course… I parked on the race cars… but I wasn’t the only one so I felt less awkward following the other cars! I drove straight to my Aunt Alice’s who had so kindly offered to give me a post race massage!!! She is a PT, and she could be a massage therapist it was awesome, and I learned where I was carrying the most tension and why I have problems with ab work aka why I am not seeing the results I want!! So handy dandy to have a PT in the family!!

Now I am laying in my bed… watching TANGLED… for the 1234567890 time, and probably going to take a nap… as soon as my pork tenderloin is done… because that is my food of choice after a half (minus the minestrone I had at Aunt Al’s) before I have dinner of…. PIZZZAAAAA!!!!! yes I am so excited!

WAHH I’m still on a runner’s high! I feel so accomplished and just so proud that I actually did it! Never did I think I would be a runner like this and now I am!!!!!

When/if there are pics of me on the website I will share them!!!

Here is me and my medal!! In my room obvs ahhaha.. This was my race outfit minus the sweet purple spandex I had on! Yes… I’m rainbow brite.. its cool

also… in the background those are purses, shoes and my umbrella…. so not completely messy but yes I need to pick it up.. tomorrow

Have you ever done a half/marathon? What was it like??


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


3 thoughts on “Half, Half, Baby COME ON!!!!

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