It has begun…. too early… but it happened

what is that you ask? well I am a creature of habit, and there are things I do every summer, like eat wayy more fresh  fruit and veggies, reread Harry Potter, aaannndddd OC marathons!!!!!! Yes I rewatch the entire series of the OC….

This started summer before my senior year of college when I was living with my friends Brea and Nicole

I always forget about this show and how ridiculous it is! Seriously every episode is insane!!! It is only gonna be able to be watched at night…. AFTER my work is done! 11 more days of school!!!! YEA BUDDY!

Also… did anyone else watch the season finale of GG???? BAHHHHHHH one this Blair and Chuck saga is too much for me… and yet I was sad when she picked Louis!!! oh well…. this show always changes…

Ok its bed time.. I know thats it… you tell us about TV… isn’t this a FOOD blog? Well yes yes it is, but today I ate salad, leftover pizza, and for dinner? A smoothie and peanut butter on flat bread pita! yum yum yum… tommorow I promise I will have REAL food and a recipe for you guys… A STIR FRY recipe which is actually my favorite thing in the whole wide world!

Also…. after massage, hot tub, and Hot Power Fusion Yoga this morning…. very little soreness! BOO YAH half marathon… in yo face!

yea… I’m mature

Do you have tv shows you rewatch consistently?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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