Rainy days, Lazy days

Hello!!! I keep forgetting about the 30 day challenge! So technically I am on day 3, however I already covered alcohol here, and I can say honestly that I don’t do drugs! not my thang!
So day 4 is my views on religion! Hmm well lets see there, I am Catholic, born and raised, and have always been pretty active in church, from being an altar server to teaching sunday school (ok really this was a way to be with friends and miss half of mass when I was in hs), although in college I became more of a “buffet-table” Catholic! I try to go to mass often but I let other things get in the way too often. However I believe that faith isn’t measured by how often you go to services, however but by prayer and other acts of goodness. I try to be a good person, and give to others and in that way I share my faith and myself. I also look to God often as having a bigger plan for me. When I get frustrated with how things are going I often ask why? This in high school definitely led me to have a bit of a faith crisis, but I have learned that if we only get good things then we don’t appreciate them, it takes time of struggle and hardship to find out who we are as people and also how strong we are.
Needless to say I do believe in God, but also I believe that he is in every major religion. In this way, I do not rate one religion higher than another. I have read the Bible and the Koran so that I can gain an understanding of other religions, and appreciate them. I find Judaism and Islam fascinating, especially the culture of the different religions, which is so different from my own. Despite these differences, I would never treat a person differently because they see God from a different point of view.
As long as we all believe in something what does it matter what that greater power’s name is? Something I have grappled with for awhile is conversion… for example would I convert to another religion if my future husband asked me too? I know this is a struggle for many couples, and back in college it is something I thought about a lot. I can honestly say that I love being a Catholic, and all of the things that it entails, but I would have to weigh all of the pro’s and cons, and see what aspects of my religion that I could keep i.e Christmas.. because I would want to raise my children within a faith, and I wouldn’t want them to feel pulled in a certain way! Maybe a fusion religion? Chrismukkah anyone? I don’t know and fortunately right now it is not something even remotely in my immediate future!
The take home here is that I am highly tolerant and from a scientific and sociological perspectve I appreciate all of the religions for what they have to offer!

Ok now that I have that out of the way! Here is my lunch story!!! Today I was hungry after class so instead of going straight to the pool as was my original plan, I went home and made a pizzadilla!!!
Huh? What is a pizzadilla? It is a flatbread pita that has mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and basil on it, and grilled like a quesadilla!!!
OMG soo good!!!!!!! I loved this lunch! served with Baby Peppers (SO FREAKIN CUTE) and 1… ok 5 lil Babies from last night

Yes… delicious! and I just love these baby peppers, they are so cute and portable!

Also I know Im so attractive/ not toolish at all when I make those faces/refuse to put on makeup for class. it’s fine! But it is a rainy day/lazy day which means sweats and doing work/ eating lunch in my room and being a bum!

Ok off to run errands and then go play with Baby H!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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