Rollerblading… Take Two


Im bad at this… I keep peacing out for a few days! But yesterday was hectic and I did not want to share just in case Kathleen read it! Why you ask??


My friend Kathleen is getting married on July 9th, and so we threw her a party so she could celebrate with her friends here in Denver!

I had the best time planning this party, it reminds me how much I love planning things!! Kathleen was really surprised and it was a great time for everyone!

The main event of the night was a Bar Golf! This included 6 “holes” or bars that we had to hit par at by ordering certain drinks! The first hole was at my friend Colleen’s and the last hole was a party at our friend Ted’s!

Liza and I made personalized glasses for all the girls!

                                                                          and of course the munchies!!!


The Bride to be and all the girls!! Isn’t Kat the cutest? Since it was a bar golf theme we were all decked out in golf gear! We had a great time doing the different levels and hopping from one happy hour to another! Colleen did a great job picking each bar based on specials!

and then it was time to go to Ted’s! It was great to be able to bring the boys into our celebration!  and of course have a dance party! Oh and some pong… because it’s not a party at Ted’s without pong!

Yea… I love red velvet cupcakes!!! Only… these were quite dry! I don’ understand because I have made this recipe millions of times and they usually rock my socks off… but I’m wondering if it was the altitude? I haven;t made them here yet… hmmm

This morning I woke up early, with no power cord so unable to upload pics and blog until I got to babysit! And I woke up at the time of the sculpt class I was aiming for.. boo! So I allowed myself two blissful hours of watching the OC and relaxing in bed until it was time to go play with Baby H!! We hung out, then he napped and I  watched HP, uploaded pics and ate POPCORN!!! I love popcorn sooo much!

After a fun 3 hours with the little guy it was straight to the park for rollerblading take two!! My amazing friend Taryn is a very talented Ice Skater and rollerblader, and volunteered to teach me!! So we had a nice hour meandering around the park twice! And I only fell a few times with NO scrapes!!! Wooo I am getting better… I just need to learn to do downhills!

After a few more errands it was home finally to my couch to watch Harry Potter on ABC family and do some work!!

For dinner? I went for baked wings (mmmmm) a pizza bagel, and baby bell peppers!!!

Yea I’m so weird/attractive… I also need to get better lighting!!!

Ok off to enjoy HP with Lize! And maybe get froyo… we shall see!

Was your Sunday a Lazy one or a Busy one?

Have you planned/had a bachelorette party? What did you do??


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


One thought on “Rollerblading… Take Two

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my fav blog posts!!!!! =)
    You should have mentioned the adorable lemonade stand girls…. “lemonade will help you focus”!!!! hehehe

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